Feeling great yet, America?


I’ve taken to asking Trump voters on Facebook if they feel great yet.

This disgraceful sexual predator they’ve elected president has threatened war on Iran and China, threatened to invade Mexico, and soured our relationships with our greatest allies, including Australia. He’s trying to make it okay to discriminate against others in the name of religion, and to “destroy” the Johnson Amendment, the portion of the tax code that prohibits religious groups from endorsing or opposing political candidates if they wish to keep their non-profit status. He created utter chaos by keeping people with visas and green cards — who were vetted better than he was before he became the Republican nominee — from entering the U.S. And that’s in less than a month in office.

Every day there are more and more shocks, hastily signed executive orders, ridiculous pronouncements. It’s as if he’s trying to wear us down by the sheer weight and volume of his actions, like an overgrown child pitching a tantrum in the middle of a department store because he doesn’t want to be there.

Unfortunately, none of this surprises me. Nor should it surprise anyone who actually listened to what he was saying during the campaign. But what does surprise me is the mediocrity and sheer incompetence of the man and those who surround him.

I thought a Trump presidency would be bad, but never this bad. When I realized, to my shock, that he had won the Electoral College, I told myself he might rise to the occasion. After all, his pride and ego are legendary. Surely, I thought, he would not want to go down in history as a bad president. I hoped he would surround himself with the best people possible, with Cabinet members who had the experience and expertise and gravitas that he lacks.

But I realize now that was wishful thinking. He can’t stand the thought of being upstaged or even questioned, so it would be unthinkable for him to turn to someone who might outshine him. Instead, he issues a statement about the Holocaust that never mentions the Jews or any victims; he marks Black History Month with blather about Frederick Douglass that makes it appear as if the man is still alive, and he uses the occasion of the National Prayer Breakfast to bitch about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s performance on Celebrity Apprentice and to ask that the assembled group pray for Arnold. (And of course, Trump still owns a stake in the show.) Really, Christian Right, is this what you wanted?

Trump is already a failure, and he’s dealing with it the way he dealt with his failing casinos. He’ll leave his creditors hanging, declare bankruptcy and leave town.  It’s going to be a long winter until that happens, but as I look out my office window, I notice a flock of robins has just landed. Spring is coming.


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