Obfuscations, accusations & lies


On Monday, at the end of another day of questionable pronouncements by The Current President (TCP), one newsman had had enough.

Scott Pelley of CBS called out TCP, saying “[he] told a military audience that there have been terrorist attacks that no one knows about because the media chooses not to report them.”

“It has been a busy day,” Mr. Pelley surmised, “for presidential statements divorced from reality.”

So let’s be straight up about it: This is the way it has been virtually since the beginning of this misbegotten misadventure called a presidential administration. Obfuscation, wrapped in outrageous accusations and smothered in lies, has become the stock in trade of TCP and his henchmen and henchwomen.

It has long been said that Democrats represent people who shower after work, while Republicans represent people who shower before work. I shower before work, so I call that an oversimplification. But upon listening to the latest crazy talk from the people whose political friends in Moscow helped get them elected, I have a simpler question: Do they shower before stepping out to do The Current President’s bidding, or do they do it afterward, before they go home for the evening?

It’s a legitimate question. This administration is living a lie, and some of the lying is being done now by people who hope to win confirmation from the Senate. Word comes today that Andrew Puzder, the Labor secretary-designee, employed an undocumented immigrant for years.

The GOP’s Sen. Lamar Alexander said Mr. Puzder shouldn’t be disqualified because he voluntarily confessed, but tell that to Linda Chavez, who was George W. Bush’s Labor pick, and Zoe Baird, who was Bill Clinton’s pick to be attorney general.

Mr. Puzder isn’t even the only Trump pick to run afoul of the law in this regard. Wilbur Ross, the Commerce Department pick, has already come clean as well. (He fired the worker in question and paid the taxes.)

Presumably the GOP Senate will give him a clean bill of health, just as they would have anyone nominated by a Democratic president. Wait, what? It’s been a long day.

But as the obfuscations, accusations and lies pile up, there is only one thing certain: Diogenes wouldn’t bother to swing by the White House.


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