Trump Rewards High Rollers, Not Working Class in First Month


Editor’s note: At the end of this report you will find two links to online fact-checkers that will allow you to keep track of the campaign promises Donald Trump has kept — and the ones he has not. We encourage you to bookmark them for future use.

Yes, it’s been one month 31 days to be precise since the Bully President swore on a stack of Bibles (one used at Honest Abe Lincoln’s inauguration so many years ago) to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution and reminded us all he was going to have everyone working and end crime as we know it fast, so fast “it will make your head spin.”

No doubt about it, actions out of the White House have been fast and furious, causing heads to spin in all corners of our country, our government and our news media outlets. At last count, the executive branch’s Lone Ranger had signed 12 executive orders aimed at fulfilling a number of his most ambitious campaign promises. He has strong-armed a few corporate executives to keep operations in the country, although in the case of Carrier and Ford plans continue to move forward on producing products in Mexico.

He has met with several foreign heads of state, or talked with them on the phone some calls lasting longer than others depending on the type of reception on the other end of the line. He held his first and lengthy news conference in the East Room, where he threw out a number of outright lies and ducked a few hardball questions from “dishonest” his word journalists. He even fabricated a story about how he and his team had been trying to schedule a meeting with a highly respected congressman and with the Congressional Black Caucus.

Yes, his first month has been a head-spinner, but who has benefited the most from his chaotic management style? Unemployed coal miners who believed he would revive their industry and have them “working your asses off” his words in a short period of time? The underemployed workers who backed his campaign based on his promise of more and better paying jobs? Middle-class folks who cast ballots some quite reluctantly based on his master marketing slogan to “Make America Great Again?” How about the millions of people who secured health-care coverage under the Affordable Care Act created by his predecessor, President Barack Obama?

Sure, expecting all that to be covered in just one month is too much to ask of any new administration. Still, there should be some signs, a few indications that his thoughts are at least tracking along with his promises to our fellow countrymen, since these are the people who put him into office. Maybe a Cabinet appointment or two that would demonstrate his commitment to fulfilling his promises to a vast segment of his base supporters. Nope. Most of the approved new department heads either oppose actions to improve living and working conditions for working and middle-class Americans, or they are more apt to sunset their agencies (think EPA or Education).

For the out-of-work coal miners looking for a white puff of smoke coming from the Oval Office, signifying a revival of that sector of the economy, what they got was an order from the Bully President removing regulations prohibiting coal mining companies from dumping toxic black sludge into creeks and rivers. Maybe he figured there would be new jobs for the once-proud miners to “work their asses off” his words cleaning out polluted waterways.

More and better paying jobs? The White House and most Republicans in Congress oppose an increase in the minimum wage. How about bringing manufacturing jobs back to our country from Mexico and other overseas locations? He hasn’t even brought back his own clothing manufacturing operations to this country. He talks about Carrier, Ford, Boeing and other companies putting “America First” his words but for some reason doesn’t apply that same standard to his business operations. Actions speak louder than words, right? A president is expected to lead by example.

The example he is setting so far is that of lining his own pockets and those of his friends, including folks from the investment bank Goldman Sachs, the same institution he blasted Hillary Clinton over for accepting speaker’s fees prior to launching her campaign. He signed an order eliminating most of the regulations put in place by the Dodd-Frank Act aimed at cleaning up the financial industry and protecting the consumer from another Great Recession. He signed an order to repeal and replace the ACA  soon to be known as TrumpCare or RepublicCare that could have a negative impact on some 20 million Americans who were without health insurance eight years ago; a move, however, that could be a boon to the insurance industry. He signed an order removing many of the regulations on the energy industry, you know the companies that only earn a few billion dollars each year. There were high-fives shared throughout the board rooms of the oil company behemoths.

How has his personal financial well-being changed during his first month as the “leader” of the free world? He refused to put his businesses into a blind trust. He and his family two sons (his third son, Barron, is too young to have a card in play, yet), two daughters and his third wife continue to reap significant financial benefits. His recently renovated hotel in Washington, D.C., the Old Post Office Building, has hosted events and dignitaries that put coin in his tiller on a regular basis. This while contractors who worked extra long hours last fall completing the project are waiting to be paid some $5 million from the Bully President’s company. His first month in office included three trips to the Florida White House at a cost to taxpayers of an estimated $10 million.

So, one month into his reign and the have’s, the moneyed gentry who pumped millions of dollars into his campaign, are reaping the rewards while the working class, the middle-class voters who placed their bets on the “outsider” candidate, the man who was going to “drain the swamp,” are waiting for some sign, any sign that their electoral trust in the man was warranted.




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