Dear Trump Supporters . . .

Dear Trump Supporters,

I’d like to express my condolences for the horrific policies that have emanated from the person you elected president. I realize that you really didn’t know what you were buying into when you cast your vote.

After all, you had to tolerate eight years of – God forbid – a BLACK president who was brilliant, compassionate and forward-thinking. As a child, many of you no doubt listened to your parents and grandparents at the dinner table, talking about how ignorant those “niggers” and “monkeys” were, and some of that actually rubbed off on you.

So, you bought into your party’s obstructionist platform of thwarting just about every proposal President Obama brought to the table, from clean energy, to infrastructure improvements, middle class tax relief and Wall Street reforms.

Instead, you applauded Trump’s perpetual calls for Obama’s birth certificate. I mean, there had to be some way to get this BLACK man out of the Oval Office. He had to be a communist, an undercover Arab terrorist, something … anything. You picked any straw you could from the basket.

Now that Mr. Trump is in office, many of you are having buyer’s remorse. It was OK for him to eliminate Obamacare — as long as he left the Affordable Care Act alone. Wait a minute … what? You mean Obamacare and the ACA are one and the same? So now you’re saying, “Please don’t cut that, Mr. President. We won’t have any medical care at all if you take that away.”

My condolences also go out to you Trump supporters in Appalachia, where Mr. Trump has put an end to regulations aimed at protecting waterways from coal mining waste. I’m sure many of you are saying it’s got to be some mistake that Trump is letting coal companies dump waste into your pristine streams and waterways.

During Trump’s hate-filled rallies leading up the election, I understand that you got caught up in the hype of Making America Great Again. But in all that hoopla, you failed to understand that Trump’s presidency is going to be an absolute disaster for the white working class, the white poor and every other economically struggling person in America.

Writer Dylan Matthews puts the scenario in perspective in a recent Vox article:

… Trump will likely oversee the most vicious cuts to programs for poor and medium-income people of any president since Reagan — and could very well go further than Reagan did. The result will almost certainly be a massive increase in uninsurance for the lower-income working people currently covered by Medicaid, an increase in poverty and hunger for the working poor on food stamps, and a large increase in extreme poverty.

In your eagerness to return to the America that your folks talked about over dinner, you didn’t see it coming that Trump would work to eliminate food stamps, voucherize Medicare and privatize Social Security — programs you have relied upon for so many years.

I really feel for you. I mean, it’s got to be tough being so ignorant. I’m sure you’re thinking, “But someone had to step up to stop all those minorities from taking over.” Now you’re starting to see that the fallout impacts you.

Fact is, we’re all in the same boat. So get those life jackets out. You’re in for the ride of your lives.

3 thoughts on “Dear Trump Supporters . . .

  1. I’m being petty, no doubt, but to me “Mr.” is an honorific, a title of respect that this so-called president doesn’t deserve. He’s nothing but an empty Chinese suit, dancing to Putin’s balalaika and distracting his supporters with rhetoric while the Republicans dismantle all that made America truly great and divert this nation’s bounty into the greed-lined pockets of their cronies and themselves.


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