Has the trap been sprung?

Over the weekend, The Current President (TCP) let the proverbial cat out of the bag when he tweeted an accusation that President Obama had ordered the wiretapping of Trump Tower during the last weeks of the election.

So let’s unpack the fact that none of us knew this had occurred, if in fact it actually occurred. That’s because no one in the intelligence community let us in on it, unlike the knee-capping of Hillary Clinton. That bit of intelligence was announced from the highest places by James Comey, director of the FBI, right before the election. (It was followed by a “nevermind” the weekend before the election, when it was too late to clean the mud off the Democratic candidate.) So pardon us if we wonder why the American people weren’t afforded the same consideration for attempting to understand TCP’s Russian dalliance.

Would the racists and misogynists and the homophobes and the Christians have been brought up short by the news that Russia might be in cahoots with the TCP campaign? I’m of the opinion that, as TCP said, he could shoot someone in Times Square and get away with it. I don’t give any of them credit for a lick of sense.

But we shouldn’t go too far from the accusing Twitter rant until we find out how it came to be. We don’t know how the whole tale came to light, if that is what it did, but many are pointing to a Breitbart News story of Thursday night that is based on the accusations of right-wing talk show host Mark Levin.

Mr. Levin offers a 10-point spelling out of the purported links between the Obama administration and the intelligence community, and if it’s true, then it appears that those folks were doing their jobs. And they did it without throwing mud all over TCP and his Russian-based campaign.

We didn’t know anything about the probe until early Saturday when TCP, probably attempting to distract whatever other silliness is in the offing, made a reckless accusation. In response, we all should say, “Thank you, sir.”

Now the accusation must be looked into, and the congressional intelligence committees cannot just attack Obama. If they look into what information the intelligence community has, then TCP might be well and truly done as president.

First thing to consider is that the alleged wiretaps would have come about because someone went to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. The FISA court apparently doesn’t deny a request very often, but neither does it hold news conferences to announce that it has approved such requests.

But we might need to go back to when TCP launched his “blame America first, but never Russia,” attack on the intelligence community. I was one of those who thought that wasn’t a good idea, but nobody asked me. So don’t you just know in your heart that the intelligence folks smiled to themselves and said, “Game on!”

The intelligence community makes its living divining what’s in communications from outside this country. Count me among those who think that they sweep up a lot of garbage in their work, but not all the time. Don’t you think it’s possible that the next shoe to drop will be in front of congressional committees, when they get transcripts of conversations between Trump Tower and Moscow? We, the people, will get redacted transcripts, but Congress will get the real thing, I presume, and then Good God Almighty, Joe Friday!

You might want to consider one more thing: Did the right-wing Russophiles step into a trap? Isn’t it at least possible that the intelligence community leaked information to Mr. Levin, and he placed the story in Breitbart News, and The Current President just had to draw attention to it via Twitter, and now it’s out there? Congress will hold hearings, and they’ll try mightily, but they will not be able to keep TCP out of this. Even closed hearings won’t work, because the leaks will continue.

Then the chanting will begin in earnest, and they’ll be saying, “Lock them up! Lock them up!”



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