Mr. Trump: Stop the Madness, Please

As the media endlessly reported on the Bully President’s baseless Twitter rant concerning former President Obama over the past weekend, I realized no one in his inner circle has enough toughness to make him end his obsession with continuing as a self-proclaimed reality TV star — “the greatest of all time” (apologies to the late, truly great Mohammad Ali), so he says — and concentrate on responsibly governing our country.

Since I have nothing to lose and everything to gain in this hunt for peace and quiet, I took to my laptop to tell the man he needs to pause in the early morning hours when rage strikes and Twitter seems like the vehicle to insult political opponents or enhance his lies from the days, weeks and months before. He must deactivate the “post” button on his Twitter account, shut down his computer, turn off his iPhone and focus on bringing our country together.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Like the Bully President, with the following missive I have unburdened my mind and will have nothing more to say to him until this sorry escapade of a presidential administration ends. Sanity must return to my house and our country soon.

Read on, friends and fellow citizens, and add your voice to this call for him to end his nonsense now if you are so moved.


* * *

Mr. Trump:

Your madness needs to stop now. The lies, the angry tweets, the unbridled tapping of taxpayers dollars for you and your family’s benefit and especially your war against democracy are beyond unseemly and unprofessional for a person sitting in the Oval Office. If you were a contestant on The Apprentice, you would have been fired in week three of your seven-week run as chief executive.

You would have made it to week three only because you flimflammed your way to an Election Day victory. So you would get a few “passes” as a reward for that masterpiece of electioneering.

Good ratings or not, however, you would be gone after 21 days due to your inability to figure out that being president requires skills most notably diplomacy and intelligence that you lack by any measure. No, being a bully and serving as a puppet for radical far-right folks in the White House who whisper in your ear what they want you to do on a daily basis is not how anyone governs a country such as ours.

To tell you the truth, I’m tired of the circus you have created. I seek peace and quiet far from your constant attacks against anyone who disagrees with you and your inner circle of un-American counselors. I’m worn out watching and listening to news reports focused on your latest attempts to divert attention from your long-standing relationship with Russian business and, more recently, political leaders.

Please stop your madness now and allow sanity to return to our country. It will be a first step toward returning America to its long-held path of greatness traveled by skillful leaders of varying political stripes for decades. Tell Mr. Bannon forcefully that deconstructing our government does not make us great. Show him the door if you must, but stop his contributions to the madness, too, please. He, and therefore you, don’t truly have the best interests of all Americans in mind. You only care about winning elections or legislative battles for your side of the political conflict created by your election.

Speaking only for myself, I am worn out insisting through any media source available that you release your taxes so we can see for certain just how much your struggling real estate operation is dependent on Russian financial support direct or indirect. I’m weary of listening to you and your spokespeople lie about how you had nothing to do with the Russians when there are video clips from a few years ago in which you bragged about how Russian dollars were pouring into your organization.

Your baseless, angry rants against President Obama this past weekend brought it to a head for me, along with your fourth trip to Mar-a-Lago at a cost of $3 million for each visit. With no evidence, nothing to support your claim against one of our best presidents, you created a firestorm of media coverage simply to distract from the ongoing investigation into your Russian connections.

You clearly showed you have no appreciation for our country, how it was created or how it has grown into a world powerhouse over the past couple of centuries. You have no respect for our laws or our Constitution that provides guidance to elected officials and judicial appointees intent on managing the difficult task of keeping our country great.

You and your White House team are not smarter than our Founding Fathers, nor more dedicated to the principles of building on past accomplishments of leaders who sat in the Oval Office before you. If you ever bothered to read, I would highly recommend biographies of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Reagan, Clinton and, yes, Obama. Of course, you would never find time to spend a few hours getting to know the highly-skilled and reputable predecessors who truly put America first and made our country great.

Again, I ask you to stop your madness. It’s hurting all of us, including you, your White House staff and the voters who believed your rhetoric about making our country great again. It was a fine marketing line and it delivered the desired results for you. But it, like most of what you say on a daily basis, was a lie.

So, I’m turning off the cable news shows. I’m shutting down my Facebook pages that concentrate on politics. Until your sad show of a presidency is over, I will revel in talking with family and friends about the latest books, movies and songs that inspire me and many of my fellow citizens. I might even post a few pictures of sunsets from my favorite beach to give me a sense of peace whenever I look at them.

No more madness for me. It’s over. I simply will wait for sanity to return to our government.



8 thoughts on “Mr. Trump: Stop the Madness, Please

  1. always trying to stop the madness, but i fear that i am just creating more of it. in order to avoid the plain facts that i leave the world no choice but to acknowledge, the propaganda organs are forced to create ever more outlandish tales to keep everyone distracted. please, shinbone star, do not take your eye off the ball.

    trump is in a tough place right now. he is my best rodeo clown.


  2. Fine heartfelt reaction! One tiny error, his visits aren’t $10,000,000 per. It’s been estimated at three million per. Ten million was a cost for ONE YEAR for Obama! This week’s jaunt will put him at $12,000,000! He will smash all records for costs soon. Thanks for the story!


  3. You’ve summed up my feelings about the election- they’ve progressed from pure rage into exhaustion about all the BS Trump has been perpetuating. Thanks for the post! It’s hilarious!


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