A few choice words about choice

The Deplorables in the Cabinet and Congress have embraced choice in a big way lately.

Not reproductive choice, silly. They’re still adamant that the moment Mr. Sperm meets Ms. Egg, the woman becomes just a host organism, and if she didn’t want to be pregnant, why did she have sex?

But when it comes to such matters as education, medical access and our shameful slave-holding past, why, the GOP sees nothing but wonderful choices and endless opportunity.

We’ve learned in recent days that the Historically Black Colleges and Universities are a shining example of school choice, and that the kidnapped Africans who were brought here in chains, sold as property, raped, beaten and worked to death with no hope of freedom were immigrant dreamers looking for a new life. (Preferably one without the chains).

And we’ve been told we may soon have the opportunity to choose between health insurance and a cell phone, even though both are necessary in this day and age. The fact that there are no insurance plans available for the cost of a monthly cell phone bill isn’t supposed to matter. We just have to make the right choices.

So I’d like to explain something about choice.

Carrying a pregnancy to term after getting bad news from the ultrasound or amnio, because you are willing to embrace that child and his/her limitations, is a choice.

Continuing the pregnancy because the only facility that will perform an abortion is 100 miles away and you’ll have to miss work and get a hotel room and run a gantlet of screaming people is not a choice.

Taking care of a disabled or medically fragile child is not a choice, even when the government refuses to pay for pre-existing conditions or to provide the schooling and other support a special-needs child requires.

Going to an HBCU in 2017 because it’s a really good school and you believe in its mission is a choice. Attending one in 1917 because the other schools you would have liked to attend wouldn’t admit students of color was not a choice.

Not having your kids vaccinated because you’re an anti-vaxxer is a choice. Not having them vaccinated because you can’t afford it is not a choice.

Not reading newspapers or magazines or online news because Fox and Brietbart tell you everything you need to know is a choice. Not reading them because you have an undiagnosed learning disorder, or because you need eyeglasses and Medicare doesn’t cover them, is not a choice.

Sending your kids to public school because you live in a great district is a choice. Sending them to public school in a district where all the tax money is being siphoned to for-profit charters that can pick and choose their students is not a choice.

Finally, running for public office or accepting a government post because you want to help people and because you love your country is a choice, and an honorable one.

Doing it for personal enrichment and then thumbing your nose at your constituents, refusing to meet with them, and showing more loyalty to lobbyists than to the voters is also a choice.

Voters have a choice too. They can continue to put up with your nonsense or vote you out of office the first chance they get. Next year, let’s hope everyone will remember come November.




One thought on “A few choice words about choice

  1. i am counting the days until Nov. This will be the test of the citizens. Are we going to remember that WE are the ones in charge? We will have chance to take back our Congress and set it off in the direction we decide it should go. I am going to keep my hands in my pockets. Cause if ONE more person tells me they are not voting…… i may not be able to stop myself from punching something. All you parents out there with daughters….Make sure you teach them that they are in charge of their bodies, their minds and their futures. NOBODY but their self.

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