Lies, Lies and More Lies Catching Up With Bully President

When his mouth is moving, there’s a good chance that he’s lying.

Less than 100 days in the Oval Office, and the Bully President has lied, issued misstatements or tweeted inaccurate information on a wide variety of topics designed to create an alternate reality for the state of our nation. According to a comprehensive tracking of his words since Inauguration Day by the Toronto Star’s online site,  thestar.comTrump has uttered some form of falsehood at least 129 times.

The lies might be finally catching up with him. Most notably his tweet some two weeks ago that former President Obama tapped his phones at Trump Tower. Wait, that’s not what he meant to say, he said once it was pointed out to him that a sitting president can’t order the wiretapping of a private citizen, which he was at the time of the alleged surveillance.

FBI Director James Comey, the chairs and co-chairs of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) are on the record that there is no evidence to support the Bully President’s charge against Obama, and Comey is scheduled to testify Monday concerning that claim. The outcome could present legal problems for Trump and his faltering administration.

Can this apparent outright lie, this potentially illegal charge against Obama, stick to Teflon Trump? Can this be the fabrication, the figment of his imagination, that upends his administration? After all, he’s been lying and misstating reality for more than a year now, and nothing has tripped him up.

Or will he simply brush it off as a misunderstanding by the news media he claims are intent on creating “fake news” in an attempt to derail his efforts to make the country great again.

None of the previous 129 lies or misstatements since Jan. 20 have been deemed serious enough to turn his voting base, Republicans in Congress, or lawmakers in statehouses across the country against the Bully President.

Starting with his first two lies on Inauguration Day . . .

  • “It’s like God was looking down on us” (it started raining as he began his speech)


  • “Even the media said the crowd was massive” (it was much smaller than Obama’s inauguration back in 2009)

. . . the Bully President has tried to create an alternate world in which everything he does is better than anything any president did before him.

His lies during an interview with ABC News’ David Muir on Jan. 25 tried to convince the voting public that he had the largest Election Day victory ever. He attempted to create the impression he was the most popular politician ever elected as president. He wasn’t. He lost the popular vote, and his Electoral College margin ranks 46th out of 58 elections.

He continues to try to paint a frightening picture of terrorists coming into our country by the tens of thousands because, he claimed in an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, there is no vetting of refugees. This is more a misstatement than lie. Fact: we rigorously vet refugees before letting them into the country. Still, it is an attempt to create an alternative reality — to ignore the facts — of how we have been protected from terrorists since 9/11.

A Facebook post on Jan. 29 attempted to compare his travel ban affecting seven Muslim-majority countries to Obama’s actions in 2011 after two Iraqi refugees were arrested on terrorism charges. Obama increased scrutiny of all new refugees, significantly slowing the process, but never banning immigrants from any country. Again, misstatement more than lie, but another attempt by Trump to create a fake reality surrounding his actions. Fortunately, the checks and balances of our government allowed the federal judiciary to block not only implementation of the initial ban, but a rewritten version of it last week.

The Bully President has lied more than once on a single day several times during his first 50-plus days in office. The most tall tales were told to Bill O’Reilly during an interview aired on Super Bowl Sunday. Topics covered:

  1. Voter fraud (again claiming he would have won the popular vote except for millions of illegal votes being cast).
  2. Repeating that he always opposed the war in Iraq (an oft-repeated lie during the Republican primaries and general election).
  3. Saying that his travel ban was running smoothly (rollout of the ban created turmoil at airports across the country and around the world).

The number of lies is bound to climb from 129, most likely Monday following Comey’s testimony concerning the alleged wiretapping of Trump Tower phones during last fall’s elections. The sad reality of this character flaw is that our country is suffering a lack of strong, credible leadership internally and around the world.

The lying and misstatements have to stop. It does nothing to make America great.



11 thoughts on “Lies, Lies and More Lies Catching Up With Bully President

  1. Don’t forgot his claim that GCHQ in the UK helped Obama spy on him, that was an especially outrageous one. I digress, Trump seems to be able to do this with impunity at the moment, I wonder if any of these lies will turn his supporters against him though.

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  2. I am almost to the point of giving up on his supporters. i was trying to have faith that most Americans are reasonable. But, there is too much silence about the lies and the appalling things going on in the budget. I know somebody is working on the impeachment, but…. again, I am trying to be patient.

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  3. Trump claims that his followers will ignore anything bad he does, to the point “[He] could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?”
    What he doesn’t realize is LESS than half of America voted for him, (he won the Electoral College not the popular vote) more than half of America is NOT going to let him get away with it.


  4. I can reveal that I have been wire-tapping the White House and Donald Trump can be distinctly heard asking for a wire-tap on Santa Claus.


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