100 Days: Who’s Better Off, You or the Trumps (and Their Friends)?

Before the Bully President kicks his “100 Days” massive marketing, spin doctoring campaign into high-gear later this week, and caps it off with a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday, a basic question needs to be answered: Who’s improved their lot in life since Inauguration Day?

A clue: it’s not the tens of millions of folks who voted for him last fall. Another hint: the Trump brand has never been more visible in more countries, including our own, than ever before thanks to the once-struggling organization’s chief cook and bottle washer sitting in the White House (most of the time).

Before Trumpsters across the land start screaming 100 days is not enough time to feel the full impact of a presidential administration, I’ll concede that point. Still, this is the man who promised us everything would change the first day he took office. Big, very big changes; hugely, as a matter of fact. America was going to start winning again.

A new health care plan that would be more affordable and easier to access than the Affordable Care Act that had added more than 24 million to the insurance coverage rolls since its inception would zip through Congress.

Tax cuts, the largest in the history of the country, would be proposed and enacted in time for next year’s tax season that would benefit millions of lower and middle-income families across the country who voted for the Bully President.

Immigration reform would not only make it harder, if not impossible, for would-be terrorists to find their way into our country, but illegal immigrants with criminal records would be deported in record numbers, a border wall to prevent unsavory citizens from our southern neighbors flooding our country and taking jobs away from Americans would be funded and construction plans approved.

Manufacturing jobs would return from overseas, re-energizing the Rust Belt economies in states that helped put the Bully President into the White House. Coal miners — again in states that swung the election in his favor — would return to work in large numbers. Clean coal would be the answer to an industry revival that would put thousands of miners back to work, he promised.

Plus, he was going to drain the swamp of influence peddlers controlling our government. Lobbyists, bank executives, lawyers and such would not have a seat at his cabinet table or in the Executive branch of our government.

The focus in his first 100 days would be to make life better for tens of millions of “forgotten Americans.” He promised to put their needs first. He wasn’t going to try to be a world leader. He wanted to “make America great again.”

To say he has failed the Americans he persuaded to vote for him would be an understatement. Yes, he nominated and the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate approved a Supreme Court justice — Neil Gorsuch — that will keep The Court on the conservative side of the political spectrum. Not sure how that will bring back jobs to America or prevent terrorists from entering the country.

He has launched missile attacks on unfriendly foreign countries and has threatened North Korea with a significant response to any future nuclear missile test launches, sending “an armada” of naval vessels toward the Korean peninsula (after a side trip to Australia). So much for not meddling in international politics.

On the key issues, his campaign promises, he is batting zip for 100 days: Health care reform, tax cuts, immigration reform, bringing back manufacturing and coal mining jobs, draining the swamp; actions designed to make life better for those of us without a seat at the table of influence in this country are all talk. A lot of bluster.

The Bully President is going to argue — as part of his PR campaign leading up to the 100th day of his chaotic administration — change takes time. Trust him, these things are going to happen, he will say in Tweets, Fox News interviews and campaign rally appearances. His administration, he is already insisting, is on track to achieve great results for our country.

That’s his alternative reality. So far his actions have the country and the world anticipating World War III. The Trump Organization, which he continues to manage in his spare time from the “southern White House” (aka his Mar-a-Lago resort), is reaping the benefit of his presidency with the purchase of units in various Trump properties, for instance, around the world at highly inflated prices.

His daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner, not only have seats at the table of influence, but they continue to benefit hugely because of the increased marketing power for their “brands” with blessings from the occupant of the highest office in the land.

His sons, Donald Junior and Eric, travel the world at taxpayer expense wheeling and dealing for the family’s business. They even slip in a few hunting trips to make sure they’re not all about work.

In addition to the Trump family members sitting at the right hand of the Bully President, there are Cabinet members (think Betsy DeVos, secretary of education) who contributed substantial amounts of cash to his successful election campaign who are in positions of influence in a “deconstruct the American form of democracy” mode fashioned along the lines of the alt right, self-proclaimed deconstructionist soothsayer Steve Bannon.

The Trumps and their friends got what they wanted — a major marketing boost for their brands and greater power and influence to change the world order. The promises made to voters to secure an influential position that controls this mother lode of business development assets and global changing power have not been kept.

Voters duped by the Bully President’s marketing expertise should not expect anything to change in the next 100 days or in the next four years. Life will not be any better for them in the future than it was before Election Day, November 8, 2016.


4 thoughts on “100 Days: Who’s Better Off, You or the Trumps (and Their Friends)?

  1. I’m really concerned abt the tax cuts. Where will we get funds needed to run the govt?? Where will checks come from?? how will disasters be handled? how will he pay for the war he seems so hellbent on ? is this war posturing somehow related to his manliness? i had no idea this would be so hard.

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  2. He was a trash talker that conned her into giving up her virginity. He quickly moved on and left her with his rotten seed and all she feels is screwed. She lost her integrity with her virginity because she knew he was lying and she liked the dirty things he said. Their child will be the future and it doesn’t look at all like a healthy pregnancy. Of course, “she” is those among us that brought this misery upon our country and our world.


  3. I’m hoping it’s my overactive imagination + paranoia at work, because I keep thinking of moments from the great Sinclair Lewis novel “It Can’t Happen Here” (1935). Not so much scary–yet–but more incredibly disappointing…I have a feeling the fear will come back later.


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