Stay Woke, America

Want to do something simple for the cause? How about eating a burrito at a restaurant that supports immigrants — like La Morada in New York, which displayed an anti-deportation banner when it shut its doors in February 2017 to show solidarity during A Day Without Immigrants. There’s probably a restaurant like it in your community. — Photo by La Morada

There are times in life when you just get so worn down, so tired, so disappointed, so disgruntled that you think you can’t keep going. You just want to stop, get off the hamster wheel and shut out the world. You don’t want to read another political blog, hear another pundit rant, shake your head at another faux pas committed by American political leaders. You are just one person! You can’t solve the problems of the world all by yourself! And people are so crazy!

When you get to this point, it’s best to just avoid that political blog, political pundit or crazy uncle who never leaves the house without his “Make America Great Again” hat displayed on his head.

Take a break, but only for a while. Get rest. Recharge. Re-energize. And get ready for Round 2!

In the meantime, while you are convalescing from the onslaught of insanity that is our American politics, you can still make a difference. Small, but consistent. It all matters. Depending on your issue of choice, here is a list of ways to continue to be a part of the resistance while regaining your composure and getting a little rest:

  1. Environment: One small way to continue to resist the destruction of the earth — stop using plastic bags!!!!!! Bring your own bags to the store! Resist the plastic that is choking the life out of our oceans.
  2. Black Lives Matter: If you are white, just shut up and listen. Not to me, but to our black sisters and brothers. We should all practice seeing past the color of our skin and truly hearing the person in front of us.
  3. Health care: See that Pepsi in your hand? Throw that shit out! Resist the sugar that is turning us into morbidly obese diabetics and the future recipients of heart disease and stroke.
  4. Women’s issues: Call your mom, for goodness sake! That woman birthed you, bathed you, wiped your ass, she deserves your utmost respect. Make her a priority in your life!
  5. Education: If you had one afternoon a month to do whatever you want, what would you do? Get your nails done? Go play basketball with the boys? Why not take that time and volunteer to tutor children at risk in public schools? Teach them to read. Teach them math. Show them that someone cares.
  6. LGBT: If you have a problem with gay people, people who are transgender or otherwise do not fit into a gender-specific role, get the heck over it! Statistically, people in the LGBT community commit suicide at higher rates, especially the younger ones. Consider volunteering at a Suicide Hotline once a month. Save a fabulous life.
  7. Immigration: The next time you have a hankering for some Mexican food, bypass the Taco Bell and go straight to a restaurant owned by immigrants, people who have come to this country and are living the American dream. The dream that if you work hard enough, do good work, you can carve out a life here. You can experience true freedom. Yeah, your burrito can do that.
  8. Support Science: Go outside. Take a walk. Look at the birds. Take pictures of the plants. Go home and Google all of it. Learn something about nature. Learn the scientific names of plants like poison ivy after you apply calamine lotion to your rash from traipsing through the woods.

We’ve got a long way to go, fellow freedom fighters! We have to take care of ourselves so that we can continue the good fight. Stay woke, America! But don’t forget to get the rest you need so that you can live to fight another day.

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