You are the fall guy, Mr. Rosenstein

— Aaron P. Bernstein / Reuters

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, with a 27-year career in the Justice Department under five administrations and the distinction of being the longest-serving United States attorney in history, just pissed his ethics into the wind.

By authoring and signing the memo to recommend firing FBI Director James Comey, he kissed Donald Trump’s ass while flinging his own credibility into Trump’s swirling swamp.

Rosenstein has been praised by both parties for his integrity and bipartisanship, and hailed as the one to head investigations into the tangled web of Russian interference in the 2016 elections, and Don Trump’s and his staff’s involvement.

Not even two weeks into his new job, he has become a tainted, bloody cog in the flesh-eating wheels of one of the most vile humans to ever occupy the White House.

Jeff Sessions hung you from the nearest tree on the White House lawn, Rod.

In underworld speak, you are “the fall guy.”

And, justice is the victim.

An op-ed in Thursday’s New York Times says, “Rod Rosenstein has found himself in the unseemly position of laundering the Trump administration’s suspicious dismissal of FBI Director James Comey.” The article accuses The Donald of “spending down your credibility as selfishly as he has spent other people’s money throughout his business career.”

In February, The Baltimore Sun, your hometown paper, called you an “honorable” public servant who was too good to sell his soul by taking a job in the Trump administration. “Just don’t go there. Say no to President Trump,” a member of the Sun’s editorial board wrote in an open letter.

You should have heeded their advice, Rod.


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