Is anyone here surprised?

An angry mob of Trump-supporting white supremacists gathered Saturday in Charlottesville, Va., to protest the planned removal of a Confederate statue.

I was going to write something about the necessity that The Current President (TCP) be impeached, but I believe it can wait.

If you believe it shocking that TCP gave high-level intelligence to the Russian Foreign Minister, and to Russia’s Ambassador to the United States, then allow me to kindly state that you haven’t been paying attention.

Here is a guy, and his sons, and his White House team, and senior Republican members of Congress, who are what they used to refer to in the Marine Corps as “asshole to elbow.” That means they are thisclose.

Monday evening, the president’s National Security Advisor refuted the claims that his boss leaked to the Russians. H.R. McMaster, who said he was in the room when the White House meeting took place, told The Washington Post, and anyone else who would listen that “a range of common threats to our two countries” was discussed, but at no time were “intelligence sources and methods discussed.”

One translation might be that, yes, the president said some stuff we wish he hadn’t, but at least he didn’t tell them how we found out that Syria is exterminating its prisoners. In other words, nothing to see here.

The Current President has been playing with fire for most of the time since his inauguration. Before that he didn’t really care for his briefings, because “I’m a smart person.” He had already told the American public last year that he knows more than the generals, and that he’ll get rid of the Islamic State in 30 days. In case you’re counting, I believe Monday made 115 days since the inauguration.

Much of the American public that voted for him still backs TCP because, you know, Hillary Clinton was so reckless with classified material. What a mess.

The silver lining in this is that The Wall Street Journal reported on Feb. 16 that the intelligence community is keeping TCP in the dark based on its concerns about leaks. There was a denial, you know, but The Journal might be able to run a reprise of that article in the near future.

The president is the quintessential loose cannon. He shoots from the lip — “We’re firing cruise missiles right now,” he said to the Chinese president over dinner one night.

He sends his kids across the world on business trips to enrich his own companies, and has tried to round up all the foreign business in Washington to stay at his hotel.

He’s been in violation of the Emoluments Clause since about 15 minutes into his presidency. But impeachment talk can wait, can’t it? Well, actually it can’t.

The election of this guy seriously damaged America in the eyes of the world, and he appears incapable of making things right with our allies.

Luckily, he gets along with Russia. All it seems to take is a nice meal and a few tidbits of intelligence.

I hope the xenophobes among us are happy, and I suspect they are. When a torch-wielding white supremacist mob gathered at a Confederate memorial the other night in Charlottesville, Va., they chanted, among other things, “Russia’s Not So Bad.”

Perhaps that will get the attention of Republican voters, but perhaps they really do see the Russians in a better light. All it took was for the Russians to steal an election and hand it to them.

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