How much longer?

Can’t take your eyes off this guy for a minute.

“So,” my friend says when I answer the phone, “how much longer do you think this guy will be president?”

I say he’ll never resign, Congress is too timid to impeach him, and they’ve enrolled the kid in a school in Maryland so it looks like Trump is entrenched for now. But I can hear that she’s watching CNN, so I ask whether something has happened in the two hours since I was last at my laptop.

“He asked Comey to end the Flynn investigation. That’s a clear obstruction of justice,” my friend tells me, and then goes on to describe the memo from former FBI director James Comey before hanging up so she can see what Nixon’s former counsel John Dean has to say.

Holy crap. Can’t take your eyes off this guy for a minute.

Of course the White House issued its denials. Will Trump be foolish enough to tweet confirmation of the report in the wee hours, as he did with the news that he gave classified information to the Russians at their little tete a tete in the Oval? Stay tuned.

But it’s looking more and more like all roads lead to the Kremlin. Why would he want the Flynn investigation halted, unless it leads back to Trump himself?

And what information exactly did he give the Russians, during a meeting in which the Russian press was welcome and the American media, even those who were Trump-friendly, were barred? Was it payment for services rendered?

Did he get anything in return? His own tweets on the matter — and his defensive insistence that he was within his rights to release that information to the Russians — seem to indicate not.

It all proves Trump is not a good businessman. A good businessman doesn’t leave a paper trail or hand proprietary information to his company’s rivals.

Ironically, Comey’s memo allegedly says Trump started the conversation by condemning leaks to the media and suggesting that Comey consider jailing journalists who reported those leaks. Meanwhile, of course, Trump seems to be leaking like a sieve.

The news of the Comey memo is still too fresh for us to know all the fallout, but it seems certain that in the next few days, we’ll see the usual dance: Trump’s beleaguered spokespersons will issue various and contradictory events of what really happened; the Democrats will demand a special prosecutor; the Republicans will try to deflect attention to something else until we lurch to the next crisis.

But in the end, we all have to wonder — How much longer? How much more can we take?


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