Close encounters of the deplorable kind

The Jersey Salute

“Honk if you support Trump,” say some of the signs being waved — along with American flags and Blue Lives Matter flags — at a small but noisy pro-45 rally held Saturday at a busy intersection in my town.

I’m stopped at a red light. My passenger and I notice a few things — the scarcity of women and total lack of people of color in the group, and the deafening silence of car horns NOT being honked. In fact, given the volume of traffic on the road, it’s eerie not to hear any horns at all.

There are a lot of Ted Nugent-style cowboy hats on the heads of the two dozen mostly paunchy, middle-aged white male demonstrators, and the signs they carry show an astounding lack of consensus.

“Put an end to Birthright Citizenship,” reads one.

Oh, okay, but the only ways to become a citizen are by birthright or naturalization. It’s going to be very inconvenient for those of us who were born here to have to petition for green cards, but something tells me this guy didn’t think too deeply about this.

Several other signs indicate, in various terms, that The New York Times is running propaganda from the Russian media. I’ll admit I’m totally baffled by that one. So let’s see — Trumpy holds a meeting with Russian officials, and the only press allowed are Russian. The Russian reporters do their job, taking pictures, tweeting from the meeting, filing stories. The Times runs the Russian press photo and reports on what the Russians wrote. And that makes the Times complicit with Russia?

But I thought we loved Russia!

Damn, it’s a long traffic light. The protesters  are getting visibly angry at the lack of honking. One of them starts screaming in my general direction, “Honk, damn you!”

The light turns green, thank God. My passenger rolls down the window, the better to give them the Jersey Salute while I yell something I’m not going to repeat here, as we drive away.

Just another weekend in the Jersey suburbs.

3 thoughts on “Close encounters of the deplorable kind

  1. LMAO! That was great! We had the same situation a few months ago outside of Offutt AFB but it was a much smaller gathering with pro military/45 folks. We just sped up and didn’t make eye contact. Whatever you do, NEVER encourage them…….

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