Sounds of Silence From White House

— Molly Riley/AFP/Getty Images

The Bully President stiffs Congress, ignores the news media and challenges the judicial branch of government to support his anti-Constitution, anti-American point of view as he and Russian strong man Vladamir Putin construct a new world order with the United States and Russia as allies.

Self-proclaimed deconstructionist Stephen Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist and former (many would argue ongoing) mastermind of Breitbart News, is most likely running around the White House high-fiving everybody, even Sean Spicer and Kelly Ann Conway. He couldn’t have scripted the first few months of this administration any better; it’s taking down America and global democracies through words and actions that for some odd reason stand strong against challenges by all critics.

Climate change, the Paris Accords? Forget about ’em. NATO? Not worth an endorsement from the Bully President. Russian meddling in American elections? “Fake news?” Not worth worrying about. Just ask Putin. Jared Kushner, not only Trump’s son-in-law but one of his closest advisors, setting up back-channel communications with the Russians without anyone in the government — except his father-in-law — knowing about it? Just good business. It’s done all the time.

Spicer, how about giving the American public some sound reasoning for why the Bully President wants to partner up with Russia and make America a step-child of a struggling authoritarian regime whose leader would like nothing better than to see our country fall apart. Our country, by the way, whose business, financial and legal systems provided this president with the necessary tools to turn a few million from his dad into a pot of gold, allegedly. What, you can’t answer any pointed questions? The American public doesn’t have the right to know why its democratically elected leader doesn’t believe in an open dialogue on issues critical to the future well-being of its citizens?

He doesn’t want to explain how Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, and close advisor, Kushner, conveniently forgot to include talks with Russian diplomats on their security clearance forms? The Bully President doesn’t want you to explain, Mr. Spicer, why Sessions and short-timer Flynn lied to Congress about their interactions with Russians during their confirmations hearings? Not important information not only for lawmakers but for the American public to understand those actions?

What’s even more concerning is that the Bully President is now considering invoking executive privilege to block former FBI Director James Comey from testifying before Congress. What is it that Mr. Comey knows that Trump doesn’t want us to hear about?

If indeed we don’t hear from Comey hopefully the Legislative Branch of government will finally get mad enough about the sounds of silence being orchestrated by the Executive Branch and call this president and his henchman Bannon what they really are: traitors to the concept of democracy, specifically the American form of government constructed and nurtured by men and women who believed in the free exchange of opposing ideas.

It’s sad, very sad to think of the men and women who defended our country for centuries — people who fought and died to protect our democracy — only to see the Bully President take it apart one bombastic action at a time and partner up with Russia.

It’s been said many times during the past few months but needs to be repeated now more than ever, especially in the halls of Congress: Stop the madness. For the sake of our country, our way of life that has long been the envy of the world, find a way to hold this man accountable for his anti-American actions.


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