Comey testifies today

Source Unknown, but brilliant nevertheless

Fired FBI Director James Comey testifies today before the Senate Intelligence Committee, and not wanting to waste our precious copy on a day when news events will probably necessitate a rapid update, our morning post here at The Shinbone Star is simply a reminder to tune in for live television coverage beginning at 10 a.m. Eastern time.

Comey’s opening statement was actually released yesterday, and it’s must reading. Annotated copies can be found at the NEW YORK TIMES and the WASHINGTON POST.

Check back with The Shinbone Star later today and tomorrow for our own unique spin on the day’s events, depending of course on what happens and how quickly our staff of mainly beaten-down and underpaid retirees can turn it around.


2 thoughts on “Comey testifies today

  1. I’m staying on top of headlines. I “gave up” watching the news for the month of June for a mental detox, but I’m still keeping an eye on what’s happening. If this were 2015, I would have given up looking at ALL the news, knowing that the world was in safe hands, but that gif up there says it all. lol

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