Are we great again yet? Clearly, Trump doesn’t think so

Melania and young master Barron finally arrive at the White House. Oh my god, Melania, your bare arms are showing!

During his occupation of the White House and Oval Office and even on the campaign circuit, clown-in-residence Don Trump has never uttered one single positive sentence about our nation. Not one. Obscene.

He’s praised Australia’s health care system as better than ours/his. He obviously loves and embraces one of our most avowed enemies, Russia, and its murdering leader, Vladimir “Pootie” Putin. He admires Saudi Arabia — a nation that beheads citizens publicly and gives women few rights — so he agreed to sell them $110 billion worth of military weapons.

Furthermore, he has embraced virtually every single despot, worldwide. Only Syria’s Bashar al-Assad is kind of on his bad-assed list. Don, you may remember, ordered Assad’s country rocketed, while having “beautiful chocolate cake” with the leader of China in Florida.

As the first half year of the “Trumpdisaster” approaches, these are the words that come to mind: “Recall.” “Recycle.” “Reset.”

It’s been a disaster, folks, a disaster. Taxes for the rich stand to plummet while taxes for all of us others will rise if Republicans can manage to pass Don’s magnificent new tax plan. Yes, taxes will get higher for the “forgotten” Donnie voter, too.

It’s gotta stop, folks. Gotta stop now. We need a recall.

The national deficit is growing by millions or billions of dollars per day, maybe even by the hour, no one knows for sure, all because of the thing called “Trumpdisaster!” Obscene. Just sickening, folks. Imploding.

Gotta get his lazy, bloodsucking family off the public dole. Send them packing. Speaking of which, our “million-dollar-a-day woman in the Donnie Trump Tower,” Melania, finally ran out of excuses to move herself and son Barron into the White House.

She arrived this week wearing a sleeveless (gasp!) blouse and clutching her sour-faced hubby’s tiny fist. A rather glum Barron led the solemn trio. Disastrous. Hilarious.

Yeah, we get to foot that bill, too. Is that the sound of Treasury Department presses printing a few more billion bucks to cover this family’s extravagant excesses?

Let’s not forget the untold hundreds of thousands being spent to investigate all the crooked performers Don has hired to be his shills. Those people are high on the reset/recall/recycle list, too.

Since the moment Donald Trump moved into the Oval Office, his intention has been to become leader of the most powerful nation in the world — not Russia, folks, but the  U.S. — the place has gone to hell in a grocery cart.

Clown Donald has allowed a once-proud nation to become the world’s jabberwocky. A circus couldn’t have found and hired a more inept gaggle of performers. Seems every disgusting, disgraced Republican castoff is being recycled into the swamp he was famously going to “drain.”

“Trumpdisaster” has found not one single positive thing about this nation that he was proud of — nothing, folks. His sideshow hit the road with the red-capped mantra of “Make America Great Again.” Inevitably, the pundits altered it to “Grate.”

Some of our nation’s Donnie voters have discovered that his whole performance was a shell game, with many of them the losers. All they got was the cap and forgotten. Crooked, disastrous person.

Clown Donald hated our mix of nationalities, our national health care act, our roads, bridges, air traffic control, clean air, clean waters, state and national protected beauty, and our taxes on his claimed billions of dollars of wealth, to list a few.

Indeed, he hated former president Barack Obama and anything good connected to his name. Only normalizing relations with neighbor Cuba — thanks to Obama — remains on the books, and that will soon be added to the heap pile.

All that climate change bullshit, an “Obama plot to allow China to make a lot of cash manufacturing anti-climate change products,” that Don didn’t like and therefore dumped. May his golden, leveraged Tower on Manhattan Island be the first to sink in predicted floods. Doubt that the Tower pumps are up to draining that one.

Almost as disgusting is the disaster known as “The GOP Clown Congress,” which practices daily behind a closed “big top” flap. They only emerge, often late at night, after perfecting another sleight-of-hand act that gives the rich more money and business less restraint to cheat the gullible electorate. And we don’t seem to notice or care. Sad. Maddening. Unacceptable.

Topping the list of recent “Trumpdisasters” is the “Comey Sacking,” wherein FBI director James Comey was suddenly, without notice or even a hug, fired after a dinner alone with Don. Maybe Comey asked for two scoops of ice cream for his unhumbled pie. Stay tuned on this; the Clown claims there “may be tapes” of the affair. Video, too? Lordy, wouldn’t that be a sight!

Comey spurned bonding attempts, he just told Congress and America, by refusing to promise to kiss the Clown’s ass and quash, publicly, charges against a rightly fired Mike Flynn, Russia ass-kisser and liar.

Famously, GOP Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, defending Donald, told a stunned media following the testimony, “He’s just new to this.” Ryan says we should forgive him this transgression. Are you insane, Paul? Get a damned reality check or check your meds. Better, just get off the bus.

The list of “Trumpdisaster” transgressions is YUGELY long, with calculated lies, deceits, flip-flops, hatred, delusions, and unadulterated bullshit. Hundreds of shrinks have declared this disastrous fool unfit to run even a rusty hammer.

After literally thousands of public tweets, rallies, and interviews, this bitter old man can’t find one single fine, positive, or beautiful thing about this nation. Delusional jackass.

Gotta end, folks. November 2018 elections are our only chance to end the vulgar “GOP Clown Enabler Congress” and to quash the costly error called “Trumpdisaster.”

Which brings us to the “Word of the Week” — impeachment. Everyone’s talking, but that’s all it will be.

Even though almost 60 percent of the nation believes the man is inept at his job, a danger to the world, and most importantly, our nation, he will maddeningly remain behind the controls of the “Trumpdisaster” train.

Impeachment is only a dream for liberals and intelligent others. As long as Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and their ilk remain in office, we’re screwed. One can only imagine the prospect might be a positive in Trump’s demented, delusional mind. Sad.


3 thoughts on “Are we great again yet? Clearly, Trump doesn’t think so

  1. You’ve summed it up quite nicely. Trump and his Goon Squad are incompetent, shady characters who are only in it for themselves. Ryan and McConnell – and the rest of the GOP who puts Party, Power, and the Top 1% ahead of the US and its citizens – are all corrupt, amoral, self-serving scumbags.


  2. As one of your polite Canadian neighbours I am embarrassed and frightened for all of you. Hell, even Canada isn’t safe. I hope you all stand up and shout and vote in 2018. Impeachment, even if it happens, is long, costly and redundant when you all really need is to get him out of there NOW.


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