We the People Need to Take Back Our Government

It’s time for we the people to take back our government. No, not through trying to find candidates to run in traditional party primaries and then general elections. That system of filling out lawmaking bodies designed to keep our country running is worn out and currently operated by folks intent only on winning elections, not representing the best interests of our country.

Last fall, we elected an outsider to lead the country who some of us thought would “drain the swamp” and put our government back on track to represent our interests. Unfortunately, we elected the wrong outsider, a Bully President who is now controlled by party elite — and apparently also by Russian operatives — focused solely on ramming through legislation to support their views of how Americans should live instead of working to preserve our quality of life. And as for the Russians? They just want to destroy our democracy.

There have been calls for a new constitutional convention by a number of people, including some elected officials. We don’t need a new constitution, the one we have is solid, well-written and strong enough to stand the test of time — 240 years and counting.

What we need is a People’s Convention with representatives from all walks of life who can hammer out a modern day Bill of Rights that will hold our elected officials accountable for their actions. If this effort creates new political parties to challenge the out of date, partisan attack dog driven groups that currently control our government, that would be a blessing.

We need people in Washington and our state capitals who represent us and will work with us to sustain our country as a world leader for democracy, and support us in our daily pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

We are no longer represented in Washington, D.C., nor in most state capitals across the country. Our elected officials craft legislation designed to curry favor with political action committees that will funnel millions of dollars of contributions into their re-election coffers. If a proposed law provides support for the electorate, that’s simply an accidental benefit — some would say an uneducated crafting of a bill — of a lawmaker’s crusade for more money.

Instead, we are caught up in a modern-day version of taxation without representation. Our tax dollars are being spent by politicians intent solely on holding on to their office, mistakenly believing that they dictate to us what we want or need. Most of these lawmakers don’t have a clue about how to govern, just how to run negative campaigns and collect as much cash as possible.

For instance, the conversation about Social Security in Washington is based on the mistaken fear — pushed by lawmakers supposedly representing our interests — that the fund will run out of money because there aren’t enough of us paying into the program. Do they think we’re so stupid to believe that fear-mongering argument? Congress has borrowed against the Social Security fund for decades and never paid back a cent that was taken out to support massive and ill-advised pet projects aimed at satisfying their sponsors (read lobbyists).

How about health care? After the Obama administration pushed through the Affordable Care Act, the opposition party took dead aim on ending it because it wasn’t developed and implemented while they controlled the government. Forget that it provided coverage for tens of millions of us who couldn’t afford health care — an essential factor in pursuing life, liberty and happiness.

Yes, the ACA had flaws, some serious ones as a matter of fact. But instead of working across party lines to fix the problems, the opposition party pulled together a warlike strategy to kill the program and replace it with a plan developed in the backrooms of the Capitol. Their first attempt at a replacement package for the ACA would potentially deprive 23 million Americans of health insurance.

This is not representative government. This is policy development that ignores we the people and benefits friends of most officeholders intent on winning the next election no matter the cost to many of the good people of this country who have, in the past, put their faith in elected officials.

Wait, you say, they campaign on promises to create more jobs, give us better health care, save Social Security, improve our quality of life. Yes, they spend a good part of the cash poured into their campaigns on slick advertisements aimed at convincing you that they have your best interests at heart.

Then they return to Washington or their state capitals and resume the partisan fighting to benefit only themselves and their party, not we the people whose quality of life continues to decline.





3 thoughts on “We the People Need to Take Back Our Government

  1. My fellow concerned Americans, I’m just an American, I have no political party nor agenda, I truly believe that this country has the potential to know the way, show the way, and go the way to unbelievable happiness, wealth, contentment, health, bieng the largest country in the world, we need to set example for the rest of the world, instead of forcing our beliefs down their throats, we should be respectful to their beliefs and praise them for the good they do for the world. No country wants others looking down on them, I believe they look at our country as a big bully, as just an American I don’t want to be perceived as a bully. Thanks for the opportunity to speak my mind.


  2. Amen! If not us, then who? If not now, then when? What will the world be like for our children and our children’s children if we sit idly on the sidelines because of fear of what might happen? The fear of what IS happening is far greater to me than what could happen! But how I ask you? How will this be accomplished? “They” WILL charge you with treason just as our founding fathers were! They WILL take everything from you. So even if some of us are able to come together to create this new bill of rights, (which we MUST do!) then how will we implement it? How will we be able to get the powers that be to accept this new bill of rights? It will certainly limit if not end the lobbyism that fuels the lifestyles they live. If you were in their shoes, would you just give that up? Especially if you had the power and resources to eliminate that threat? Well I can tell you this, the queen of England sure as fuck didn’t! That’s why many of our founding fathers were charged with treason and were facing the gallows. Also why our great country of the United States of America’s was founded…. Too bad it was founded on mass genicide and damn near the extinction of the Native American culture…. so how the fuck do we bring about change in a positive way? Cuz history tells me that we gotta kill a shit load of red coats (politician/corporate America) or we gotta go find some place to stake our claim and kill all the fuckers that were there first. Personally I don’t much like those options but if I had to choose I’ld go with plan A. Not saying I condone that or anything. Just saying my observation of historical events and comparing them to current situations and expressing my opinion on said options. But I’m probably not free to do that shit anymore either so, I’ll see ya in prison.


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