Admitting one lie to draw attention from another

If anyone ever doubted Donald Trump was a damned liar, he just removed any such thought.

He’s a damned lying, nut case. There is no way to sugarcoat a turd.

After he fired former FBI Director James Comey on May 9, Trump tweeted, “James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!”

Now, 41 days later, he stuns us, writing, “With all of the recently reported electronic surveillance, intercepts, unmasking, and illegal leaking of information, I have no idea . . . whether there are ‘tapes’ of my conversations with James Comey, but I did not make, and do not have, such recordings.”

When asked during a blacked-out press briefing today if Trump “regretted” making that threat, administration parrot Sarah Huckabee Sanders, replied simply, “No.”

If that answer doesn’t piss off any intelligent human!

Trump’s original outburst prompted the Senate Intelligence Committee to subpoena any tapes, hold public and private hearings with Comey — all at great expense to the taxpayer — and kept the nation in dramatic suspense.

Now, the most dishonest occupant the White House has ever seen admits that he is indeed a liar.

Some of Trunp’s defenders say he was “only playing with the media,” that he was “amused” by the reactions. NO, he was playing with the life and reputation of James Comey. He was threatening, not kidding.

Amusing? No damned way! Hog crap!

This toad is not only embarrassing the nation, but abusing the powers of the office and the oath he swore to, “uphold and defend the American Constitution.”

After promising the nation and the world that he was going to give us the greatest, cheapest, best healthcare ever seen on the face of the earth, he’s about to try to foist off a piece of dung that he admits “needs negotiations.”

This piece of legislative crap that Republican senators are putting forth would promote deep cuts to Medicaid, which Trump promised his voting base he would NOT touch. That the Republican healthcare plan would be disastrous to unknown millions of Americans is an understatement.

Congressional Republicans are about to go back home to face their constituents and try to defend their actions. Hopefully, they will have to stand before hundreds of irate citizens.

How much longer will this Republican Congress make Americans suffer not only a buffoon in the Oval Office, but also a demented liar?

The 25th Amendment needs to be given serious examination.


2 thoughts on “Admitting one lie to draw attention from another

  1. The saddest take-away from the events of the past six months is: Conservatives in the power structure think they OWN this country, lock, stock & barrel. The reason- Five straight elections have gone their way (the last four were in reliably conservative congressional districts, but why quibble?), therefore the NATION is dyed in the wool, and a-hankerin’ for the past! Welp, there are two other things going on, that escape their wary eyes,ears and noses: 1. Millennials and older people of the heart are actually willing to let Congress and the Presidency sink, of their own ponderous weight, because a parallel society is taking shape. No less an authority than the rank and file conservatives of Yavapai County see this coming, even as the Big Dogs haven’t a clue. Ma and Pa Kettle are out in front of the Courthouse, every day, marching around in circles, yelling “Save our President. Save our system!” They know the end is drawing down, and they are afraid. 2. Right behind the Millennial Generation is Gen Z, the kids. I work with them. They are aware. They are a no nonsense bunch. They despise the least shred of hypocrisy,and they are starting to get angry. There are only two years, before the first Post-Millennial people turn 18. They seem no more inclined to back the present arrangement than do those immediately before them.
    Oh, I seem to have left something out: Those of us who were in the trenches, during the sixties ans early seventies, have not gone away. We’re a bit more understanding of our conservative fellows, who are struggling to make ends meet, and who play by the rules. This need not be, should not be, a replay of the French Revolution. Kathy Griffin aside, few are salivating to see Donald Trump meet the fate of Louis Capet de Bourbon XVI. Fewer still are, at present, of a mind to slaughter their right-of-center kindred in the streets. We favour a system, far more responsive to the needs and wants of the common folk, regardless of personal ideology. God knows, thepresent arrangement is a bold, shining lie.


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