A golf cart on the green? Oh, the humanity!

Well, 45 has really done it now.

The president finally committed what many view as an unpardonable act, and in so doing has managed to alienate many of those who might otherwise be expected to support him, namely the well-heeled country club set.

So what pushed these worthy squires over the edge? Was it one tweet too many? Was it the claim that there never were tapes of his conversations with former FBI head James Comey, which proves that Trump either was lying when he made the veiled claim or is lying now? Did they finally realize the current occupant of the White House is a bully and a wannabe thug?

Alas, it’s none of the above.

This time, the president was actually caught on camera and can’t weasel out of this one: He drove a golf cart onto the putting green at his Trump National club in Bedminster, N.J., a serious breach of golfing etiquette.

I admit I’m no golfer, so the reaction to this video . . .

. . . which surfaced a few days ago, took me by surprise. After all, it’s his property. If he wants to spend money repairing the green because he’s too lazy to walk, that’s his business, and I said as much when I posted a link to the story on my Facebook page. My golfing friends soon set me right.

It costs $200,000 to join the club, and hundreds in fees to play there. For that kind of money, golfers are entitled to expect that the greens will be in excellent condition.

Another friend noted that the U.S. Women’s Open is being played at Trump National in less than a month.  There may barely be enough time to get the green back in shape for tournament play.

Many golfers took to Twitter to express their dismay at Trump’s actions. I wonder where those people were when Trump was bragging about getting away with sexual assault, or brutally mocking a disabled reporter, or calling Mexicans rapists, or hectoring Hillary Clinton during a debate for supposedly lingering too long in the lavatory.

I was wondering what it would take to wake up some of the voters. Now, sadly, I know.


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