All hail the party of hate, the party of death

The Republican Party is now The Death Party.

Sponsorship, or worse, passage of the GOP Senate’s repeal and replace of Obamacare dooms millions of Americans to no health coverage and an early death.

The Republican Party is the meanest, most disgusting, putrid, planet raping, taxpayer-sponsored terrorist group, sons of bitches in the history of our government, that I have witnessed in three decades on the planet.

As I watch the Republican Party plowing toward repealing Obamacare, I am stunned at the sheer meanness of a once decent political party. Party founders would be appalled at their blatant dismantling of our rights and ideals that once made us the shining star of democracy.

The list of public services being eliminated is staggering. Millions of disabled Americans, unable to work, will be abandoned. Death is going to loom large and soon for untold numbers of people who voted for the GOP and Don Trump.

This is the party that had a toast to death — a beer party in the Capitol after the House passed their death bill on to the Senate. The double-secret Senate version reveals even more grizzly, vulgar cuts of services to needy Americans.

After the House beer party, Republicans met with The Donald in the Rose Garden, where the fate of millions of Americans affected by the passage was less than rosy. The Don responded: “How am I doing? Am I doing okay? I’m president. Hey, I’m president, can you believe it?” He was cheered by the partisan crowd of juiced supporters.

It was a happy group of hateful, drunk old white men, cheering themselves while standing behind their party’s hater in chief. The asshats were roundly satirized by late-night television hosts.

For the last eight years, the GOP has reveled in racist hatred for the first black president, Barack Obama. Donald Trump has made it his life’s goal — and part of his historic legacy — to destroy anything marked with Obama’s signature. The Republican Congress has cheered and jeered the whole way.

The Republican Party’s move to meanness can be traced back 16 years, to Karl Rove and his influence on George W. Bush’s rise to power. Rove resigned in 2007 under a cloud of suspicion, barely escaping indictment following the outing of a CIA agent, and his involvement in the firing of nine U. S. attorneys. Still, he is an influential behind-the-scenes power figure.

His clandestine attacks on gays, lesbians, political opponents and personal enemies is without peer. Revving up right-wing religious organizations into a powerful hate group, Rove’s influence is visible in today’s GOP Congress, where hate begets death, not only for the government, but for the planet, the middle class, and the poor. Some of the most affected will be the very voters who elected them. It’s difficult not to gloat.

Most disgusting and pressing is how to end this vulgar reign of terror and death.

It appears the Democratic Party is fighting a losing battle. Democrats seem doomed to continue losing to the party of hate and death.

The Supreme Court just upheld part of The Donald’s travel ban, increasing the danger of sure destruction to thousands of people fleeing Syria’s brutal, murdering leader, Bashar al-Assad.

The partial victory, secured by his recent appointee, Neil Gorsuch, allows the U.S. to bar visitors from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, which Don describes as “terror-prone countries”.

Of course the GOP cheered the news. What else would we expect from the Party of Death?


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