Still haven’t had enough? Pony up some cash to re-elect Donnie

The most unpopular, unpredictable, unhinged person to ever occupy the White House Oval Office has kicked off his RE-ELECTION campaign!

The Donald held the fundraising dinner last week in his own freaking hotel. Of course this is the earliest re-election kickoff in our history. Donnie always has to be first.

No conflict of interest here, folks, just people with more money than sense paying anywhere from $35,000 to upwards of $110,000 to be in His presence.

In 2000, Trump gloated that he could “be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it.” Well, at least there’s one of his half-assed predictions that apparently is coming true. Referred to derisively as “Trump’s second residence,” just down Pennsylvania Avenue and in sight of the Oval Office is the Trump International Hotel, a massive finger in the eye to the emoluments clause.  No Oval Office inhabitant has ever so blatantly made a profit from the office.

Fools who paid him to eat and probably sleep in his hotel paid at both ends. Every penny spent funnels right back into Trump’s pockets.

Now that’s some sweetheart deal.

Even though The Donald has theoretically divested himself of his businesses by turning things over to his sons, on paper, the trust is handled by them and he is the sole beneficiary, able to remove funds from the trust without disclosing it to the public.

Just this month, the Justice Department filed a disclosure detailing that the Trump International Hotel took in about $270,000 in payments tied to Saudi Arabia. The money covered everything from catering to parking to lodging. Donnie promised — via a White House statement — that he will donate the money (preferably to himself) at year’s end. The problem is, Department of Justice records say the hotel hasn’t maintained the proper records.

What a surprise!

In the world of The Donald and his ship of deplorables, this amazingly bizarre re-election event makes perfect sense. If we’ve ever wondered just how stupid and gullible American voters are, Trump’s re-election fundraiser should put that question to bed.

The Clown-in-Residence continues to amaze with his circus.


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