We Are the Boss of You, Mr. President

Note to the current occupant of the Oval Office at the White House.

We, the people of the United States of America, are the boss of you, Mister Bully President. No doubt about it. The President — and all elected officials for that matter — need to act responsibly on our behalf.

You do not work for the Republican Party. You do not work for K Street lobbyists. You most assuredly do not work for Russian President Vladimir Putin, although it sure looks like you do; overly reluctant to criticize the authoritarian leader of one of our most fearsome enemies. In fact, at one time you said Putin was a better leader than former U.S. President Barack Obama.

That in itself was a treasonous statement. You work for the American people, and as such we expect you to respect our country’s leaders even if you disagree with them publicly. We recognize the threat the Bear in the East poses for the future of our democracy even if you don’t. Get it through your thick, yellow-topped brain, please, that as your bosses, we want you to start showing signs that you hear us loud and clear.

We don’t want Russians meddling in our elections. Period. Got the message, Mr. Bully President? If not, we need to insist that our other employees, members of Congress, understand that you need to be fired. In the business world you would be given, what, 30 days notice? Or is it 60 days? We can check with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to make sure we get it right.

If you don’t represent our interests, which is your assigned task, you will fail your performance review. We won’t wait until 2020 to take action against your anti-American, abusive twittering, self-promoting (and self-enriching) actions. Enough of this charade where you think you run this country as if you own it. You don’t. Not even close.

You are where you are because you are a slick marketing manager and sold your goods to an unsuspecting public eager to hear someone tell them what they wanted to hear. Your unfulfilled promises, your bullying threats against anyone who didn’t agree with you, and your constant lies played well to an electorate enamored with your reality TV show persona, not to mention media outlets who gave you more free coverage than any other candidate in any presidential election in modern political history.

Nearly six months into your administration, and it’s clear you couldn’t care less about the history of our country, the hard work of Americans of all ethnicities and religious beliefs, the sacrifices made by men and women of our armed forces over the many decades to build a world-leading democracy.

We often fought among ourselves over what was the best path to get us to that leadership position. Still, the outcome was what we, your bosses, wanted and expected of the people working for us. A country that took care of its own as best as possible, that admitted when it was wrong, and  where certain changes were hammered out legislatively to fix those areas of our national moral compass that threatened to tear our country apart.

We don’t all agree about what Obama provided our country during his eight years in office. One thing is certain, though, he had a respect for the United States, for its people — past, present and future. He understood the history of our country, our place in the world order and where our country needs to be in the decades to come.

You lack this sense of historic perspective. You lack a forward-looking game plan, or any game plan other than to dismantle anything — most likely everything — Obama did while president simply because he dissed you in front of a Washington, D.C., dinner crowd a few years ago.

Your performance review with us will take into account your determination to destroy Obama’s legacy instead of building a future for our country of which we all can be proud. We will also review all of your spiteful tweets against your political opponents instead of your using that time more effectively to wordsmith legislative initiatives that would benefit those of us who care about our fellow countrymen and -women and our country’s place in the world order.

We are the boss of you. We are the boss of Congress. For too long we have left our position in the governmental process at the polling places on Election Day. That is ending now.

We are putting you on notice that the executive office of our government is there to work for us, the people of this country. Not the Republican Party. Not the K Street lobbyists. Not your struggling real estate businesses.

And, most importantly, not the Russian government.

Keep that in mind when you meet with Putin later this week. You probably should check any room in which you meet with him for hidden microphones and cameras. Your performance review would be adversely affected if someone captures an exceptionally affectionate embrace involving you two.



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