Leave Nancy Pelosi alone!

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In the latter part of the 19th century, buffalo hunters working to eradicate the herds noticed something. If the hunters shot the lead buffalo in a particular herd, all the other buffaloes would take off on a stampede. Out of that mini-stampede another leader would forge ahead and the herd would follow. If the hunters shot the new leader, the narrative was repeated. At some point, the herd would be exhausted, and no buffalo would break out into the lead. The herd would stand close together . . . and the hunters would proceed to mow the herd down.

Democrats might want to consider replacing the donkey logo with a buffalo, at least if they’re going to  allow the Republican Party to pick off their leadership.

The Republicans are the party of the buffalo hunters, always looking to knock out anyone identified with leadership in the Democratic Party. Rep. Nancy Pelosi is the leader of the Democrats these days, but even before the knee-capping of Hillary Clinton, or the genius first of Bill Clinton and  then Barack Obama, she was a popular bogeyman. (It was always those “San Francisco values” [wink-wink], you know?).

Republican leaders such as serial adulterer Newt Gingrich, and pedophiles such as Denny Hastert, raked Mrs. Clinton over the coals and tried to make her out to be the enemy of the  American people. They told the public in political ad after political ad that this woman, married to the same man for more than 40 years, was wrong for America.

They’re saying it still.

In much the same way that Russia appears to have corrupted the presidential election of 2016, Republicans now have trained their heavy weapons on Nancy Pelosi in an attempt to bring her down. The GOP hasn’t told us yet who they would replace Nancy Pelosi with, but they will.

You don’t really believe they will let Democrats pick their leadership, do you?

Luckily for the Republicans, there are people in the Democratic Party who seem willing to jettison Pelosi because . . . why? She’s smeared with the Republican paint, but that is only because the GOP wants her gone.

Nancy Pelosi holds Democrats together in the House, and that’s a tough proposition because there are a lot of very scared Democrats ready to break and run against the opposition.

When Republicans forced a vote on their American Health Care Act — I call it the Republican Insurance Plan, or RIP for short — every Democrat voted no. Why did they do that? Because the leadership under Nancy Pelosi held them together.

A special election was held in Georgia recently, and a Democrat lost to a Republican. It was the fourth such special election this year, all in deep-red districts, all won by the GOP. Republicans were scared to death to lose even one of those districts. And yet, every election was heavily contested, in part because Nancy Pelosi was bloodied but never bowed by Republican attacks.

We shouldn’t kid ourselves. This is a tough time to be a Democrat. But we’ve had times like this before when Democrats were afraid to have that (D) behind their names. Remember the Blue Dog Democrats? They wanted voters who like Republicans to vote for a Democrat instead, just because he was “fiscally conservative.” The Blue Dogs are now extinct.

Nancy Pelosi is still here.

Somebody has to lead the Democrats, and while there are people out there hoping to replace Pelosi, none has yet proven that they can do what she has done. Saying that you want the job is not the same as doing the job. Casting doubt on the leader’s leadership is not the same as standing up and saying how you’d do things differently.

But if you’re thinking that perhaps the GOP is onto something and that Democrats should make a change, please stop to consider a few things:

  • The Current President has been in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution from the moment he took office. The GOP seems uninterested in holding him accountable.
  • At least a half-dozen campaign officials who helped saddle us with our current president lied under oath to Congress. None has yet been held accountable.
  • A like number of Cabinet appointees lied to Congress during their nomination hearings. Only one was held accountable.
  • The Current President seemed to take great joy in nominating people to oversee departments that they personally were aggrieved with. The GOP was often concerned about appearances, but they mostly went along with it.
  • And then there was the monstrosity that was the RIP. In the long expanse of time, the GOP will never be able to point to that vote and call it bipartisan, which is what they do when they get a single appeaser to go along with them.

Nobody joined them from the Democrat side. And do you know why that is?

Nancy Pelosi.



One thought on “Leave Nancy Pelosi alone!

  1. I figure Nancy Pelosi must be pretty powerful and effective if Republicans are desperately trying to get us to remove her. I believe they don’t like her because when we take back control of the House she can undo Draconian Republican legislation very quickly. And don’t forget, Nancy knows how to write legislation unlike Republicans who almost exclusively rely on corporate and billionaire lobbyists to write theirs. I support Nancy Pelosi!


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