Where there’s smoke there’s Donald Trump Junior

Phew, what’s that stench?

Donnie Trump Jr., big game hunter, with an elephant tail. May this disgusting photo prove prophetic.

I think that’s the smell of gunpowder and collusion, folks, thanks to the smoking pistol that just dropped out of Donnie Junior’s pants.

If you’re reading this, then I’m betting you’re already familiar with Junior’s little e-mail problem, so I won’t go into all the details here, but if you missed it, click this LINK to check out what journalist heroes at The New York Times have to say.

Assuming, however, that you’re already among the enlightened, you’ve probably been thinking plenty about the latest events. Here’s what I think I think:

  • People are starting to utter the T-word, meaning treason. Yes, I know treason is a specific legal term, and that in order to commit treason you have to actually be at war with the other country. We’re not at war with Russia, so Junior didn’t commit treason, but however inaccurate, it does my heart good to hear that word being bandied about.
  • Despite all this, we still have a long row to hoe, and that’s because your friendly neighborhood Trumper is a vile piece of elephant dung. While it’s clear that members of the Trump family colluded with a foreign government, and a traditional adversary of the United States at that, Clem and Martha down the street won’t care because they don’t actually read. As long as Clem and Martha and thousands like them can maintain their well-cultivated ignorance about current events, Republicans in Congress won’t be too quick to abandon their sinking ship.
  • The fall of Saigon

    Could be what it takes will be a direct link to Donnie Senior, and today’s news has me feeling fairly confident that one is out there. With Junior’s nuts wedged firmly in the wringer, all it may take is a few more turns of the crank and he’ll be singing soprano, familial loyalty be damned. When Trump’s direct collusion with the Russians is finally writ in big orange letters, then we’re gonna see something special. I loved what my wife’s cousin said about that day when Republicans in Congress finally see the handwriting on the wall: “It’ll be like Saigon in ’75,” she said, and she’s right.

  • Hey Donnie, see this big mess you’re in? This is what happens when you piss off and motivate literate people, asshole!

  • Oh, how I’d love to sit down and drink a couple of beers with Barack Obama right now, just to get him talking about what he really thinks.

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