Trump wouldn’t know ‘high quality’ if it walked up and kicked him in the ass

While President Trump’s boys were working to subvert our democracy, my son, second from left behind the flag, was risking his life under the weight of the Pacific Ocean while aboard the USS Nevada with his fellow submariners, men who honor their security clearances.

Dusk was falling on a chilly autumn evening when I heard a knock on the door. It was a neighbor, a man I knew just well enough to give a nod and a wave if I spotted him outside while driving past.

When I turned on the porch light and opened the door, he looked around furtively before blurting, “The FBI just left! They scared the hell out of my wife! They’re asking all kinds of questions about your son!”

Holy shit!

Although taken aback, I soon remembered that my son, a new sailor in the U.S. Navy, was learning to be a sonar operator and had told me he was being processed for a high-level security clearance. I was able to send my neighbor home happy, telling him that the G-men, apparently, had just been doing due diligence, making sure my son wasn’t some kind of Russian spy.

Ha ha!

While Trump’s high-quality boys were betraying their country, my higher-quality boy was getting reacquainted with his daughter, left behind during a long deployment.

After graduating, my son was assigned to the USS Nevada, SSBN-733, an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine operating with the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Following one of his months-long deployments, I flew out for a visit, and during one private father-and-son moment when the two of us were driving home with the pizzas, I asked him a few questions about his experiences. The conversation went something like this:

“So how deep does the sub go?”
“I can’t tell you, that’s classified.”

“Well, where did you go?”
“We were in the Pacific Ocean, but beyond that I can’t tell you. Classified.”

“How fast can it go?”
“Ummm, that’s classified, too.”

About 5 million people in the United States have a security clearance of some type, and most of them take that responsibility pretty damned seriously. My son, for example, wouldn’t even answer a few innocuous questions from his old man in the privacy of a speeding automobile.

Contrast that with Harvard-educated Jared Kushner, granted a top-level security clearance after lying about a sit-down with representatives of an adversarial foreign power — a meeting brokered by the president’s son — for the express purpose of throwing an election and subverting our democracy.

And now that the truth is out, Kushner still has that security clearance!

Meanwhile, the Commander in Chief has said this about his son-in-law:

“Jared is doing a great job for the country. I have total confidence in him. He is respected by virtually everyone and is working on programs that will save our country billions of dollars. In addition to that, and perhaps more importantly, he is a very good person.”

And after all this came to light thanks to those smoking-gun e-mails that dropped out of Donnie Junior’s pants, the Commander in Chief said this about his own darling boy:

“My son is a high-quality person.”

No, Mr. President, what you said is effed up, so let me spell it out for you. The only country Jared is doing a good job for is Russia. He is respected by virtually no one, and he’s working on programs that will likely put billions of dollars into your fat pockets and no one else’s. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, he is a very bad person.

As for Junior’s “high quality,” your opinion disgusts and offends me.

While my boy was risking his life under tons of seawater while serving his country during numerous deployments, yours were actively working with the Russians to destroy America from within. And let’s not forget that YOU divulged classified information to the Russians during a meeting in the Oval Office, then revealed to Philippines strongman Rodrigo Duterte the location of a U.S. Navy submarine that was operating in waters off the Korean Peninsula.

My son is now out of the Navy, and while I’m proud of his service, I’m also happy that he’s no longer cruising deep waters in a doomsday machine with enough firepower to end all life on earth . . . and with Donald Trump holding the nuclear codes.

You and yours represent a clear and present danger to our country, Mr. Trump, and to the entire world.  You cannot be trusted . . . not with anything.

In another age and place, your high-quality boys, Jared and Junior, would have been hung, drawn and quartered. And for you — I guess a reigning sovereign does have some privileges — an ax and a stump would await.


16 thoughts on “Trump wouldn’t know ‘high quality’ if it walked up and kicked him in the ass

    1. As the story says, I think meeting with representatives of a foreign government, one that has been a traditional adversary to the United States for decades, in the hopes of receiving illicitly obtained information on a political opponent in hopes of throwing a presidential election counts as subverting our democracy. Thanks for reading!


      1. Who says it was illicitly obtained?
        And how does an increase in information do anything to “throw” an election?
        Democracy is built on the idea of spreading information, allowing the people to harness it and use it to form their own opinions about things, eventually voting on what they want to be the case. I see no subversion of democracy. If anything, I see democracy being upheld.
        It seems what you want is actually the reverse.


      2. If you’re talking about the e-mails STOLEN from the DNC servers, then yes, the information was illicitly obtained, and since our intelligence agencies all agree that the culprit was Russia, then by your support of this practice, you are in fact endorsing an act of espionage against your own country, assuming that you are an American citizen. But alas, you are in good company since your president apparently endorses it also.


      3. What you just said is like complaining that a kid tattled on you followed by the parents making a decision based off of such tattling. The kid (Russia) tells the parents (WikiLeaks or Trump Jr.) that you (Clinton or DNC) did something wrong. Though the kid might have done something wrong, namely tattling, the parent has the right and duty to punish both you and the kid: one for tattling (which is to say telling on someone for malicious purposes) and one for doing something bad.
        Using information that another has stolen is irrelevant. If hackers spread information, that information doesn’t just *magically* become false. It is silly to say that we can’t delight in truth simply because the truth comes to us unjustly. We condemn the means through which it came, but we embrace the truth.
        It is simple foolish to say otherwise.
        So, I ask you again, how were the Trump children doing anything to subvert our democracy?
        Plus, even if someone unjustly stole information from someone, that doesn’t really subvert democracy anyways…. It really only subverts the right to privacy, which might be an argument for a subversion of democracy, even though privacy and democracy are quite distinct from one another.
        So, nothing you said really follows. 🙂
        Try again.


      4. Oh, and regarding Trump Junior’s meeting with the Russians, we have no real evidence to suggest that they were offering illegally obtained information… So, strike two for your argument.


      5. Actually we do, Junior’s own e-mail dump shows that he accepted the meeting on the promise that he’d obtain dirt on Clinton from a Russian lawyer. However, since it’s clear you are unwilling to accept this and since I have better things to do than to keep arguing with you, consider this my final statement on the matter.


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