The Rime of the Grand Old Party

Even Donald Trump considers the GOP health care bill, which just sunk, to be “mean.”

Obamacare has been an albatross hanging from Donald’s neck for months, and it’s been even longer, almost seven years, for this GOP Congress.

This week, The Donald had to know that he had failed, again, big time, to deliver the goods to his base. Republicans have had almost seven years to produce their own version of a healthcare bill, but they, too, have been miserable failures.

Why can’t Republicans get rid of Obamacare? Why are all their proposals so very nasty, mean, disgusting and aimed at screwing their own base and the rest of Americans? Quite simply, it’s because the GOP itself is blatantly nasty, mean, disgusting and vile. Just look at the disgusting things they’ve been doing to screw the planet and us, quietly.

Donald promised Americans the best, cheapest healthcare plan, ever. He waddled into the Oval Office with a guaranteed promise to repeal and replace Obamacare on Day One.

Nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada. Failure.

When House Speaker Paul Ryan first presented his version of a healthcare bill then partied down with The Donald at a beer keg party, Don privately called the bill “mean.” Within minutes of its public release, it was clear to the world, that the legislation was a piece of dung. Laughable even.

But if Ryan’s bill seemed mean, once Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell got his weasely hands on it, his version — created in secret — was so vile that he and The Donald couldn’t even sell it to their own party. Senators started abandoning it in numbers too great even for Don “The Great Deal Maker” Trump to overcome. Mitch tried to save face with a repeal-only measure, but, soon retreated.

Into the ring waddled The Donald, playing the “blame card.” Failure to repeal and replace Obamacare was everyone else’s fault except his. Of course. Never has he taken responsibility for any of his many failures.

Even though it was his driving, teeth-grinding, very public promise that HE had a better, cheaper, blah, blah healthcare plan that of course couldn’t be revealed until Day One of his presidency, he failed.

Screw it, he thought, we’ll just vote it out of existence and not replace it with anything. Not gonna happen, boys. This, too, is bound for the toilet. Next year is an election year, and who wants to be remembered for sending millions of voters to their deaths?

Still, the danger isn’t over, because if Republicans can find some way to secretly pull it off, you can bet your next paycheck they’ll do it, in a second. They are just that disgustingly, uncaring and, dare we say, mean.

That damned Obamacare just won’t self-destruct, regardless of how hard these hateful creatures try.

They and The Donald are doomed to have to say “Obama,” over and over, until the boards in their foul ship begin to shrink and that damned albatross starts to stink, just like their Grand Old Party.


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