Do they kiss their mothers with those mouths?

Foul, menacing and crazy. He’s Trump’s kind of guy.

There used to be a time when gentlemen did not use certain words, or if they did, it was in select circumstances, generally in private, and never in the presence of the ladies.

As President Trump’s new minister of propaganda might say, F – that.

All the president’s men seem to have difficulty distinguishing between the White House and a whorehouse.

There was the infamous Pussy tape, in which then-reality star Trump bragged about being able to get away with sexual assault by virtue of his fame. He defended it as “locker room talk,” even though he was nowhere near a sports facility at the time.

Now it seems he’s not even trying to defend his words or those of his surrogates. There’s been no apology for his Nazi Youth speech before the Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, a gathering of scouts (average age 14) from around the country, during which he said “hell,” encouraged children to show blatant disrespect for the previous president, and started to tell a story about a rich guy who had orgies on his yacht.

It’s no wonder that the new White House communications director, Anthony The Mooch Scaramucci, thought he could score points by calling a reporter from The New Yorker and unleashing an obscene and menacing tirade over a tweet that cited an anonymous source.  The subject was a relatively innocuous one about Mooch dining at the White House with Trump, Mrs. Trump, Sean Hannity, and former Fox News exec Bill Shine, any of whom could have leaked the item. As might anyone who works at the White House or in the Secret Service.

Mooch, however, decided that it had come from one of the dreaded “leakers” on the communications staff, and told reporter Ryan Lizza that if he didn’t give up the source, everyone on the staff would be fired. Mooch doesn’t seem to realize that reporters can and will go to jail before they give up a source.  We do have our principles.

He then lobbed several F-bombs in the direction of Reince Priebus, suggesting that he was the source because he was upset at not being invited to dinner. Mooch also intimated that Steve Bannon self-fellates, an image none of us will ever be able to shake.

And since things come in threes, the third foul emanation from the Republicans came courtesy of Rep. Earl Leroy “Buddy” Carter of Georgia. Upset with GOP Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska for their courageous vote against the repeal of the ACA, Carter said, “Let me tell you, somebody needs to go over there to that Senate and snatch a knot in their ass.”

The urban dictionary defines “snatch a knot” as “to hit someone, usually used in a threat of punishment or retribution.”  Buddy didn’t threaten any violence against the third GOP holdout, John McCain.

And really, using “snatch” in reference to women? What’s with the sexual degradation?  Buddy claims he heard the phrase all his life and doesn’t know why anyone would be puzzled or upset. He knows damn well why, and so do all the sniggering little adolescents in the formerly Grand Old Party.

Time to grow up, guys. We need some adults in this government. Maybe the Boy Scouts know a few.



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