Adios, asshole . . .

Bad couple o’ days for Mooch

After his 9-months-pregnant wife files for divorce, the Marines finish the job as new Chief of Staff John Kelly wades ashore and tells this arrogant turd
to get out of town.

Meanwhile on the floor of his darkened office,
Nazi Propaganda Boss Stephen Bannon can begin to unwind.

Donald J. Trump’s new Chief of Staff John Kelly, a former general in the United States Marine Corps, didn’t waste much time in getting rid of nasty boy Anthony “Mooch” Scaramucci, Trump’s choice just 10 days ago for White House communications director.

Mooch, who famously told the world that Nazi Propaganda Minister Stephen Bannon possessed the rare ability to “suck his own cock,” had apparently also charmed other members and former members of the West Wing during his brief reign of terror.

Somewhere, the ousted Sean Spicer is enjoying a good laugh, and although we can’t exactly feel sorry for Spicey, I’d probably still clink glasses with him just this once.

As the Trump White House continues to implode, look for the latest updates from The Shinbone Star, wherever fine newspapers are sold.


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