Trump takes a dump on us all

The president of the (white) common man.

As an old-time newspaper guy, I have a habit of wanting to check facts, because even though every word out of Donald J. Trump’s mouth has been a lie so far, I can’t help thinking that maybe this time he’s telling the truth.

So when Trump told New Jersey golfing buddies recently that one reason he golfs so frequently at his exclusive resorts is because the White House “is a real dump,” I just had to check it out.

I’ll admit that it’s been a few years since I visited the White House — I believe Ronald Reagan was still president when I took the tour with my family — but it’s hard to imagine that in the interim, the place that’s been described as our Presidential Palace has gone that far downhill.

As a taxpayer, I have an interest in seeing that my investment is being cared for properly, and as an American citizen, I want to be sure my country is putting its best foot forward for visiting dignitaries, especially those of the Russian persuasion.

So walk with me as together we take a Google Gander at what the 45th president calls a dump:

The Blue Room

Yeah, definitely trashy.

Lincoln’s Bedroom

Even my bedroom looks better than this crap. Tear it up!

The Yellow Oval Room

Maybe some solid gold mini blinds would help.

The Cross Hall

What? No gold inlay in those columns???

The Red Room

What’s this, some Louisiana whorehouse?

The East Room

Did those crystal chandeliers come from Home Depot??? And that Steinway piano … how tawdry!

The State Dining Room

I’ve seen more attractive all-you-can-eat lunch buffets at the Golden Corral!

The Queen’s Bedroom

God save the queen! Shabby, just shabby!

Of course I’m just having a little fun. The White House does indeed look slightly better than the place where I’m forced to live, The Shinbone Star paying what it does.

But what’s really not funny is that here’s a guy who, through bald-faced lies and subterfuge, has painted himself as the champion of the common man, yet now says our nation’s foremost residence ain’t good enough for him. In fact, according to Trump, it’s “a real dump.”

If I had an ounce of faith that the people who elected this jerk to lift them out of poverty could manage a single moment of clarity, maybe they’d finally wake up, look around and realize that . . .

This is a dump

This, most definitely, is NOT



16 thoughts on “Trump takes a dump on us all

  1. He is a low class jackass. He does not appreciate the historical significance of what he’s doing. Or where he is. I would expect him to talk nonsense like this. There are other words I’d like to say, but I’m gonna try not to. I promised my mom I would not swear is much. Fuck it. Fuck trump And fuck everybody around him. They’re all complicit.

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  2. Funny funny. I saw an absolute piece of junk truck in a poor part of Hamilton Ohio with “trump 2016” spray painted on the back. Made me laugh out loud! Those poor folks actually think d trump cares about them.

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  3. The history is that it is an honor to reside in this house. While you do reside there, you must be working for the common good of all Americans. It is your privilege to do so. You do not profile a religious sect. You do not try to dissolve their healthcare with one that makes rich people out of rich people. You do not compliment DICTATORS and attempt to imitate their policies. You do not continually lie to those people you are supposed to be representing. You don’t do TRUMP!

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  4. Trump is such an idiot that he thinks his gold crusted Trump Towers, which was acquired by dishonesty and corruption, is his standard. Little does he know that the White House is a representation of the American people. He is so stupid he cannot comprehend. He is a fraud. Please impeach the fraudster ASAP.

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  5. I live in Oregon, thousands of miles from the White House, and I doubt I will ever be able to visit that mansion. I would give anything to spend two weeks in Washington DC seeing the Smithsonian locations and the White House. To think that Trump has no appreciation for it even for its historical significance is very sad.

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