Strike up the band 2.0: We have a grand jury!

BULLETIN — Yes, we already used the band headline back in May when Robert Mueller was named as special prosecutor looking into, ahem, certain irregularities in the 2016 presidential election with regard to the Trump campaign and Russians.

But we figure what the hell, let’s dust it off and use it again now that Mueller has impaneled a grand jury!

That’s right, Shinbone readers, the big dogs are circling ever closer to that big old hunk o’ rancid white meat, and while folks are always innocent until proven guilty in this great nation, I see no harm in starting to check prices on rope.

White House special counsel Ty Cobb, unrelated to the racist Hall of Fame baseball player of the same name, said he was unaware of the grand jury, but favors anything that will move this investigation on down the road. So do we, Ty, so do we, especially if that road ends in a prison cell.

For more on this breaking news story, click HERE.


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