Senators should vote ‘No Confidence’ now

The abomination that is the Trump administration needs to receive a loud rebuke from Congress, not just a legislative defeat. A vote of “no confidence” by the U.S. Senate to the Bully President and his cabal focused on their inability to provide leadership at home or abroad needs to happen now.

Given his latest round of manufactured phone conversations ostensibly touting support of his presidency — no, he now admits, he didn’t receive or place calls with or to Mexico’s president or the head of the Boy Scouts — is proof certain our president is unable to deal with the harsh reality that our country is a complex operation that requires a skill set he doesn’t possess.

It’s unfortunate that a “no confidence” vote won’t do anything more than send a message to the Bully President and his team of enablers. Unlike in Great Britain where such a vote by members of Parliament would produce a call for elections to form a new government, this action would only deliver a “sense of the Senate.”

It will, however, send a necessary message to the voting public and the global community that this wanna-be political powerhouse is not representative of American values or of its ability to provide strong and sensible leadership at home and abroad.

Given the destructive nature of the Bully President we can’t afford to wait until next year or 2020 to deliver a message that his actions threaten the well-being of our country internally and around the world. He has failed, so far, to deliver on any of his campaign promises, other than appointing a conservative Supreme Court justice. His approach to trying to make any of those promises come true is to manufacture facts — “fake news” — or use a bully pulpit to force Congress to pass measures that would hurt millions of Americans or put the country into military conflicts on not one but two fronts — Asia (North Korea) and the Middle East (Iran).

It would be unrealistic to believe the Bully President would pay much attention to a “no confidence” vote given his lack of interest in working with anyone in Congress who doesn’t support his failed attempt to manage the Executive Branch of government. He will most likely issue a barrage of tweets laughing at the Senate’s action and attacking Republicans who joined in the measure.

A call for a Senate “no confidence” vote in a sitting president took place as recently as September 2013. Ed Rogers, a veteran of the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush White Houses and several national campaigns, wrote an article published in The Washington Post calling on senators to take such action against then-President Barack Obama. Click HERE for the full article.

“What with our president having received the Nobel Peace Prize and leading us in a pivot to Asia, I guess the White House wants to pretend that the humiliating debacle America is suffering — in front of the world — isn’t happening. What’s wrong with asking Congress for authorization to go to war? The Obama apologencia will tell us it is what the president meant to do all along. They will tell us things are going according to plan. What’s the rush? But no, for the first time ever, an American president is saying, ‘The buck does NOT stop here.'”

Rogers continues: “The president is a spent force, both domestically and internationally. Congress should help by voting to cut our losses; it should resist opening the door to the uncertain consequences of a military campaign conducted, without conviction or clear purpose, by this commander in chief. If Republicans can limit the president’s authority to wander and blunder on the world stage, there is a moral obligation to do so.”

Where is Rogers’ outrage now? Where is his call for a “no confidence” vote from the Senate given the Bully President has consistently lied to us since taking office. In fact he told a lie at least once each day during his first 40 days in office, cataloged in this New York Times article.

Lying to voters is not enough to warrant Rogers or influential observers of our current political and governmental landscape to push for a “no confidence” vote in the Bully President?

How about his administration being the focus of a special counsel investigation into his Russian ties and possible collusion by his campaign in that country’s attack on our national elections last fall? Still not enough for Rogers or other opinion shapers to call for a “no vote?”

How about observations from around the world about his illegal activities and his surrounding himself with family members who have been unable to figure out that managing a democracy isn’t like running struggling and failed business enterprises?

Vox reporter Zach Beauchamp offers details concerning how the Trump administration’s kleptocracy is undermining our country. In an article posted Monday, he writes:

“Appointing family members to powerful jobs they’re not qualified to hold. Firing officials investigating scandals. Musing about prosecuting a defeated rival. Entangling his business empire with the presidency to such a degree that he’ll literally profit from his time in the White House.

Beauchamp continues: “The early (six) months of the Trump presidency don’t look like what you normally see in a democracy. But they’re everyday occurrences in corrupt, undemocratic countries like Azerbaijan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or even Vladimir Putin’s Russia. And academics who study such countries increasingly worry that President Donald Trump is governing like the leader of the kind of nation Washington has long condemned — not like a president of the United States.”

For six months we and the world have waited for the Bully President to get a handle on running our country. Instead of working through the challenges and surrounding himself with the best and the brightest, he continues to believe only he has the answers to all of the serious and potentially life-threatening issues that confront our country and the world each day.

Mid-term elections in 2018 and the 2020 presidential contest are too far off not to send a strong message to this self-absorbed, habitual non-truth teller. We can’t let him run our country into the ground as he did much of his real estate and casino empires. We can’t let him sell us out to the Russians, no matter how much he owes them financially or politically.

The Senate should deliver a “no confidence” vote now.


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