Congressional Republicans, Trump taking time to contemplate epic fail

The Donald, declared he would “convene a special session” of Congress as soon as he was sworn in and would “immediately repeal and replace Obamacare, very, very quickly.”

Since Congress was already in session, many thought it a strange remark from a man who was about be sworn in as a government employee, eligible to live in the White House.

Little did Americans realize that the faux pas was just one example of his ignorance of how government works. Almost nine months later, his stupidity still abounds and amazes.

He moved into the Oval Office without a single idea of how to repeal the law, much less how laws are created. In fact, he had no ideas about anything other than signing executive orders to retract everything Obama had accomplished.

The only piece of meaningful legislation he’s signed is Congress’ new sanctions against Russia, and he only signed that after appending his disagreement to it.

The Republican Congress had no idea of how to improve or repeal Obamacare either, after more than seven years of carping. Predictably, they failed, not even able to agree with each other!

So now, all the players will go on vacation, with the lead clown playing more golf than any other Oval Office occupant in history. His yes men and women will return home, hopefully to spend their days and nights worrying about their re-election chances next November.

Obamacare still stands as a gigantic middle finger to them all.

It just needs a glowing light and a poem.


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