A black police officer in Charlottesville, Va., protects the rights of the KKK, Nazis and Confederate nutbags, all unleashed by the election of Donald J. Trump and his supporters who wanted to “Make America Great Again.” — PHOTO VIA UBADAH SABBAGH

10 thoughts on “CHARLOTTESVILLE

      1. I guess a photo of all the white supremicist guys with tiki torches, or the car that was used to attack counter protestors, or Nazis attacking would be more clear to me. Although I get it is a shame that an African-American officer in particular would have to defend their rights to have a protest, given the history of slavery and white supremacy violence in our nation’s history. But to me, he’s a hero because he’s in that role. Sorry for typos, I’m on my cell phone.

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  1. He’s defending Americans’ right to protests, even if the viewpoint is vile. Because even though it is hard to acknowledge, even these white supremacists have that right. But they don’t have the right to be violent.


  2. That black officer’s expression says it all. It says that these ‘white’ hunters have made him feel uncomfortable in his own country. Poor man! Accolades to him for his rock solid loyalty to do his job, offering protection from the ‘white misfits’ behind him.

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