Trump taking us back to the future

A senior White House official is quoted in the Washington Post as saying, “ ‘Fire and fury’ doesn’t always mean nuclear. It can mean any number of things. It is as if people see him [Trump] as an unhinged madman.”

Since The Donald specifically said, “. . . like the world has never seen,” it’s hard not to draw that conclusion. Every day he appears more and more unhinged. His taunts are not lost on North Korean President Kim Jong-un, an equally unhinged madman.

Even though it is agreed that Don made his threat extemporaneously and it caught just about everyone with their shorts down, White House Trump puppet Sarah Sanders assured the world that “Kelly and members of Trump’s national security team were well aware of the tone of the statement of the President prior to delivery. The words were his own.”

Ah, the “tone of the statement.” Hmmmm. Are the words “national security team” an oxymoron? More like morons, I’ll wager.

Sarah’s nose is growing longer than her press briefings.

Having lived through the 1950s Korean War and the Cold War scares as a teenager in rural Texas, I know the fear of hearing big military aircraft flying over, unseen in the clouds. The older adults would look above and wonder aloud, “Think that’s the one with the bomb?” That kind of talk scared hell out of me. I’d seen the propaganda films of what “the bomb” could do.

You were supposed to get under your wooden desk if you were at school. Turns out to be NOT a good idea because essentially you’re hiding under a pile of kindling. Getting down low in a ditch or whatever, was bull crap, also. One neighbor had built a bomb shelter using a gigantic steel boiler, fitted with seats, food and water. Another had a professionally built bomb shelter that still exists.

We were only a few years past the atomic bombing of Japan. Russia was no longer a friend, and by the end of August 1949, had successfully tested an atomic bomb.

On September 24, 1951, a 38.3 kiloton device, RDS-2, was tested. It was described as a “tritium-boosted uranium implosion device with a levitated core.” Enter the era of being scared shitless.

Our home was surrounded by various Air Force bases in Dallas, Fort Worth and Sherman. Fort Worth had Lockheed Martin military aircraft designers and builders. Military aircraft builder Ling-Temco-Vought, was 15 miles from my hometown of Leonard. Many of our friends worked there.

Cities across the nation added huge electronic “Air Raid Warning” sirens to the tops of their town’s highest buildings. They could be heard as far as five miles away. Many are still in use. Ours was atop a three story brick courthouse in the middle of the town square. It served as the observation post for The Ground Observer Corps, formed in early 1950 as a result of The Cold War with Russia. I joined as a preteen.

By 1952 the GOC program was expanded into Operation Skywatch, consisting of 750,000 volunteers working in shifts at over 16,000 posts and 73 filter centers.

We had portable telephones, binoculars, and a long, skinny handbook of pictures, silhouettes and information about all the American and Russian planes. If we saw one we couldn’t identify, we called into a “filter center,” and then, the Air Defense Command.

It was heady stuff for a kid and a bit on the scary side. Who knew if that unknown plane could be the one that sneaked through the defense system.

We were eventually phased out and replaced with electronic machines. Imagine.

Now, daily, thanks to two of the craziest madmen on the planet, we are back in the past, shaking in our boots. I really don’t like those pricks.

Today’s advice says, “kiss your ass good-bye” if you are anywhere near the detonation site. “If you are a few miles out, you will have about 10-15 seconds until the heat wave hits you, and maybe 20-30 seconds until the shock wave does.”

If you aren’t fairly deep under ground, truth is you’re toast. Dammit.

For those of us who survive, we’ll have lots of food and water. And, we’re gonna stay inside for several days. Maybe watch “Gilligan’s Island” reruns.

And, stay tuned to your radio and teevee for messages of hope and inspiration from Donald “The Madman” Trump, the ass who screwed us in the first place.

With our luck, the bastard will survive. I really don’t like this guy.


6 thoughts on “Trump taking us back to the future

  1. He has created a country of “us against them”. I never watched his show on tv, never knew much about him until the campaign. First time I saw and listened to his BS, I turned to a friend and said, “I hate that s.o.b.” The feeling has only intensified.

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