Good Bet Trump Repeats as Time’s ‘Person of the Year?’

He’s done it once, so is anybody betting against Trump being Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” in 2018?

Short of North Korean madman Kim Jong-un going nuclear before the end of the year, it would appear the Bully President has all but locked up back-to-back wins in Time magazine’s annual recognition of the world’s most influential person — for good or bad. Recall, if you will, he snagged the magazine’s “honor” for trashing political prognosticators when he secured an Electoral College victory over Hillary Clinton in November.

If Time picks Trump again as its “Person of the Year,” it would mark the first time in the magazine’s history that a historical figure earned that recognition in consecutive years. Trump would also join the ranks of a number of past presidents who have graced the cover of the special issue since the feature’s inception in 1927 when Charles Lindbergh’s nonstop, trans-Atlantic flight earned him the first such distinction.

Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt received the distinction three times during his lengthy run in office for dealing with the Great Depression and World War II.

Back to this year’s selection and the odds that the Bully President will repeat as cover boy for Time, it’s not even close. Who has produced sound and visual bites that created more headlines than the current occupant of the White House? Sure hundreds of those not-so-carefully managed displays of braggadocio, bullying and insulting by the Trump organization were lies or enhancements of reality.

But everything the Bully President does creates not only headlines and lead segments on nightly broadcast news shows, but also turmoil in halls of government across the country and around the world. At home, his campaign for personal glory has created a country so divided that even a federal probe of possible Russian connections to his presidential campaign last year can’t knock him off the pedestal his supporters erected on Inauguration Day.

In fact, they are threatening an armed revolt if Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his skilled team of prosecutors find enough evidence to indict Trump on charges of collusion with the Russians to secure a puppet president in the White House. If the Bully President is evicted from the Oval Office, the threat of armed conflict in cities across our country is a distinct possibility, according to many of his supporters who have proudly stated such in their Facebook and Twitter posts.

And based on the Bully President’s silent endorsement of his white supremacist electoral base — it took him three days to condemn neo-Nazis and the KKK by name after the tragic weekend events in Charlottesville, Va., let’s take bets on whether Time calls Trump’s name when announcing its “Person of the Year” before we ring in 2018. The odds could be a respectable 2 to 1. Any takers?

How will Time editors make the call? It would take more space than allowed on this blog to produce even a highlight reel of his game-changing actions. Still, let’s hit some of the low points:

  • The Bully President has constantly attacked longstanding immigration policies. He has misrepresented our country’s time-tested immigration vetting process. His controversial attempts to ban immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries have confused and concerned families nationwide. Our country used to be a beacon of light for a life where opportunity beckoned, best represented by Lady Liberty standing proudly in New York Harbor.
  • Trump has decimated progress on protecting our environment. He is in constant denial about global warming, withdrawing our country from the Paris climate agreement much to the chagrin of just about every other world democracy who signed the pact.
  • Trump has pushed his GOP brethren — nominally speaking — to the brink of wiping out health care for millions of Americans. Only a brave stand by three Republican senators prevented that carnage from happening so far. He continues to publicly lobby for passage of a repeal bill by Congress with an afterthought about producing a replacement package at some future point in time.
  • Trump attempted to bully Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to pay for a border wall ostensibly to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States. When the answer from Mexico was a flat  no way, he convinced Congress to allocate $1.6 billion of taxpayer money to launch construction of this white elephant. He even proposed getting Mexico to pay for it through a crippling import tax on Mexican goods.
  • Trump has imported his chaotic style of doing business in real estate marketplaces to Washington’s governmental and political world. The chances of his failing as president can be measured by his historically poor performance as head of the Trump organization; he needed a reality television show and massive financial support from Russia to even stay afloat. Will he bankrupt our country as he did a number of his real estate and casino projects?
  • Trump has adapted his more recent business strategy — selling his name to developers around the world so he can either take credit for the success of a project or blame someone else for its failure — to running our country. His recent attack on U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is proof of how he is operating our country as if it was a business enterprise. He complained this week that McConnell and his Republican cronies needed to get a healthcare bill to the president, along with a tax reform plan, or he would consider McConnell a failure. Of course if they produce and pass measures on both those key issues, the Bully President will quickly take credit for working his managerial magic.

The list goes on. Time editors won’t have to spend more than about five minutes debating the recipient of the 2018 award.

Without a North Korean nuclear attack on Guam or some other mainland target, Time will simply have to produce a new cover shot of Trump — most likely surrounded by his family since they are playing a major role in enabling and encouraging his abhorrent behavior.

What’s the betting line on whether the Bully President would gleefully display life-size reproductions of that cover at his properties around the world? Or that he will brag about how great his first year as president has been, the best of all time, greater even than Abe, JFK, Ronnie or, God help him, Barack?

How about if he’s back in Trump Tower under house arrest awaiting trial on charges brought by Mueller and his team? Who knows, Trump is a master marketer and probably would find a way to spin even that situation to his advantage.

At taxpayer expense, no doubt.

4 thoughts on “Good Bet Trump Repeats as Time’s ‘Person of the Year?’

  1. Hitler made the covers few times also., not sure if he was man of The Year, but I think he was. The scenes from last weekend were identical to old news reels of the brownshirts in Germany. Too bad not enough people don’t recognise how these images are nearly identical – except these brownshirts were armed. They will be back.


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