Trump goes off the rails with hate that leaves us aghast

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The 45th president of the United States went off the rails today in a vintage Trump racist diatribe that shook America to its core. Shinbone Star staff members quickly reacted to the latest outrage from the 45th president.

The sound and the fury


I have to admit, I’m shaken. I worked in journalism for 36 years, and never, ever have I seen a spectacle to equal 45’s behavior at his Trump Tower press conference today.

The contempt, the hatred in the man’s eyes and in his voice and demeanor. The pure fury when he realized that the press was not going to play his little game, not this time or ever again.

The avowed purpose of the press conference was to pat himself on the back for signing an executive order meant to streamline the permitting process for infrastructure projects — no doubt by doing away with a lot of environmental and safety regulations. Labor Secretary Elaine Chao — a.k.a. Mrs. Mitch McConnell — was on hand, and the assembled reporters apparently were expected to keep their questions to the matter at hand, as though all hell had not broken loose in Charlottesville, Va., just days ago.

The real Donald Trump showed up again today.

No, that’s not how it works. And the pure venom that 45 unleashed at the mere mention of the name of Sen. John McCain — a war hero, a distinguished public servant, and now an elderly man facing a deadly cancer — was just the start of an unhinged, screaming tirade.

The president claimed that the “alt-left,” whatever that is, was as much to blame as the “alt-right” who had a parade permit, as he reminded us, to march and protest the removal of the statue of a traitor to the United States of America (not his words, of course). He claimed there were many fine people among the marchers.

Who were they, the guys with the Nazi flags, the ones with the Confederate flags, or the overgrown frat boys with their tiki torches?

He seemed to suggest that the press was really unfair  to white supremacists, and asked rhetorically whether the removal of the statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson would lead to the removal of George Washington and  Thomas Jefferson — both of whom, he smugly reminded us, owned slaves.

Yes, sadly, they did. Jefferson even fathered children with one, in an arrangement that could not possibly have been consensual. But if 45 really thinks that makes Washington and Jefferson equivalent to Jackson and Lee, he’s misinformed and not fit to govern.

Asked whether statues of Robert E. Lee ought to be removed, he couldn’t even give a yes or no answer. “I would say that’s up to a local town, community, or the federal government depending on where it is located,” he equivocated.

Seems to me if it’s located in the United States, the federal government should take it down, but our alleged president doesn’t have the guts to say that the military leader of a seditious insurrection ought not to be honored.

At last, asked whether he will go to Charlottesville, he managed to boast of his house and winery there.I think we’ve just located the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored.

*  *  *

Trump: Nazis and KKK no worse than you or me


The real Donald Trump was back today at a stunning press conference at Trump Tower in New York, walking back comments from a day earlier that condemned Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan, repeating his first assertion that the blame for weekend violence in Charlottesville, Va., rests with all sides.

The president, clearly chafing after having read a carefully crafted statement on Monday that obviously did not reflect his true beliefs, today equated Klansmen and neo-Nazis with YOU — every American man, woman and child who opposes all that vile white nationalists stand for.

Trump repeated the old alt-right trope that Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee is the equal of American icons George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

This cannot pass!

Congressional Republicans must act NOW to remove this madman from office. What many of us have known for a long time must surely now be obvious even to House and Senate Republicans who have been willing to look the other way for the sake of partisan politics.

Wake up!

A tweet from former Imperial Wizard David Duke thanks Trump for cozying up to the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan, of course, has backed Donald Trump all along, and he’s just returning the favor.

We have a dangerous lunatic standing behind the great presidential seal and spouting white supremacist rhetoric with impunity. This man, this fake president installed through the illegal actions of a hostile foreign government, makes it clear with every word that he’s in bed with Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan. This red-hatted menace who cannot control his fury is now confronting North Korea with one hand on the nuclear football. We cannot afford to wait.


*  *  *

Trump twists the knife in America’s guts


What we are seeing from this administration is a not only an outrageous dearth of leadership, but it is driving the knife in deeper and creating an even greater divide in this country.


Donald Trump made a statement on Saturday that fell far short of what he should have said. Then he was shamed into reading a prepared statement off the Teleprompter on Monday. And now, cringing after being forced to do the right thing, felt compelled today to walk it back and scatter blame everywhere.

A young woman is dead because a neo-Nazi who deliberately plowed a car into a crowd of people. This president has so little regard for her life, so little regard for healing a nation after an act of domestic terrorism that I really wonder if his next unbelievable move will be to pardon the driver, James Alex Fields.

*  *  *

Pride in real heroes outshines shame for president


I’m stunned. This can’t be happening. I’m headed to the store for celebratory ice cream to share with my 94-year-old dad and his 97-year-old brother, both bona fide heroes of World War II. But on the radio the president of the United States is foaming at the mouth, blustering in support of Nazi slugs.

I’ve been watching the news in snatches this weekend, but most of the time I’ve been listening to stories about France, North Africa, England and Spain. Mostly, it was stories about America and the great good effort made for freedom. Like my uncle said, it wasn’t their idea, but it was their duty. And they fulfilled that duty gloriously.

At the same time our president has been selling our nation’s soul to the devil, his gold-plated jackboots stomping our flag into the mud. It’s nauseating. I’m headed back now to my heroes. I won’t mention this now. I’m too ashamed. It’s time to save our country from our president. I can’t let these two men down.

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