America’s Original Sin

— Scott Olson/Getty Images

The United States has a big problem and that problem is the extraordinary amount of angry white people. What are they angry about? I’m not even gonna talk much about Charlottesville because why should I analyze what should be obvious?

America has a problem around all things racial, and that problem is white people.

Now the first thing some of you knee-jerk progressives are gonna do is recoil in horror; “How could you say such a thing? Are you accusing all white people of being racists?”

And therein lies the problem.

No, I said America’s racial problem is a white problem.

At this point the conversation will go one of three ways:

  1. One is total denial, “I can tell you for a fact I’m the last person you can call a racist!”
    Um, I didn’t call you a racist, I said America’s racial problem is a white problem.
  2. Another way the conversation goes is, “Well, what should we do?”
    I don’t know! I’m not the one with the problem!
  3. And then there’s this, “Here’s what I/we are doing and why . . .”
    Those are the people who are going to preserve this imperfect union as they strive for a more perfect one.

This is my first, but I hope not last, contribution to The Shinbone Star. I don’t have the answer to everything, so I hope I can at least ask the right questions.

One thing I will say about last weekend’s inevitability in Charlottesville is that it’s been a long time coming, but nothing decent will come from this if America won’t grok this:

Neo-nazis: “Purge the soil of filth, Hitler is not bad!”
* * *
Black Lives Matter: “The state should kill fewer black people!”

If you think both are the same, then you have a problem.

7 thoughts on “America’s Original Sin

  1. Thank you! I have been shell-shocked, and embarrassed as a white person. You can smell the trouble brewing and this can only go one of two ways. I can only hope it goes the right way–not the ‘white’ way.

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      1. You are absolutely right. I will not stay silent (even when it annoys or pisses off many) and people like you are so needed in this world. The audacity of Hope is that it never gives up, even when we want to sometimes. We must be loud and unrelenting against the hate. Thank you.


  2. You are spot on. None of us is perfect in our relationships with those who are “other” (than ourselves). But we can all be willing to try to understand each other. The haters won’t appreciate the value of diversity. And, like the lyric from South Pacific, you have to be taught to hate and fear. Trump is the head hater and source of fear.

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    1. Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate hearing what folks think and hopefully we can help expand the dialogue in our various circles. Unfortunately Trump is merely a symptom of the disease…


  3. I completely fail to understand the shock and horror of all those whites who watched the news conference. How could they NOT know that was exactly how the president felt? Did they never watch any news reports? did they never hear the statements made by POTUS 45 all throughout his candidacy? This was just TRUMP being TRUMP..naked for all to finally see. Those of us whites who have been decrying this monster for the past few years saw what he was and loudly spoke out against his racism, his misogyny, his sexism, his hatred of all things “gay”, his hatred of the second amendment (fake news). The ONLY solution I can see is for every single white to look at themselves in a mirror and clearly see that by NOT speaking out against racism they are part of the problem. By approving the “wall”, by approving of new laws that allow gerrymandering, that allow discrimination against LGBT or same sex couples, by approving of laws that say it’s ok to run over protestors they are themselves racist, sexist, misogynist and just as culpable as that horror in the White House.

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  4. Thank you for that very passionate reply!

    Sometimes there is no one solution to a problem because the biggest challenge to any solution is for folks to realize there is a problem. How do you tell a poor white person they have to check the privilege they don’t even know they have?


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