That tweet, and what to do about it

Kathy Griffin tearfully apologizes for holding up a mock severed head of the president. When will 45 apologize for his repeated mocking of Hillary Clinton?

“It’s tempting to just blame Donald J. Trump for retweeting animation depicting him committing violence against a woman, but there’s something deeply wrong with a country that allows a person who does that to remain in office.” — Andy Borowitz

By now, everyone knows that the president of the United States, in one of his Sunday morning Twitter fits, posted a GIF that appears to show him hitting a golf ball that strikes Hillary Clinton.

It wasn’t the only disturbing tweet from the short fingers of 45 that morning. He also went on to taunt North Korea again, referring to that country’s leader as “Rocket Man” and claiming that international sanctions were causing North Koreans to have to line up to buy gasoline, an allegation that news sources within the country have denied.

It seems our Fearless Leader has decided to wage war on North Korea and on women simultaneously.

As of this writing, it appears not a single member of either house of Congress has said anything about Trump’s increasingly unhinged behavior toward a nuclear power with an unstable leader, or toward the woman he stole last year’s election from.

North Korea is a topic for another day. But why has anyone not spoken out against his fantasy of violence toward Hillary Clinton, a woman who has done nothing to him except commit the unpardonable crime of winning the popular vote?

Contrast that with the treatment that comedian Kathy Griffin received in May, when she teamed with photographer Tyler Shields to create an image in which she held up a bloody-looking mock severed head of the president.

She tweeted the photo, and was immediately condemned for it. Trump took to Twitter — of course — to complain that his young son Barron had been traumatized by it.

Griffin’s scheduled tour was canceled. She lost her New Year’s Eve gig on CNN with Anderson Cooper, and has said that she and Cooper are no longer friends. Worst of all, she was investigated by the Secret Service — as though she’d ever get close enough to Trump to inflict as much as a paper cut.

Obviously, Trump doesn’t care whether Hillary Clinton’s daughter and grandchildren are traumatized. But as a former First Lady, she receives Secret Service protection. When is someone going to call for an investigation of this threat, made by a man who does play golf on a regular basis and who suggested during the campaign that maybe the “Second Amendment people” could stop Clinton from winning the election?

If something happens to Mrs. Clinton, her blood will be on Trump’s tiny hands.


3 thoughts on “That tweet, and what to do about it

  1. It was doubly egregious that Trump’s tweet came on the heels by the taunt by the immoral pharmaceutical owner who offered a bounty on anyone who could deliver a piece of Ms. Clinton’s hair from book store appearances. Repeated, crazed messages of violence against Ms. Clinton are sure to register with some unhinged deplorable — like the guy who showed up with guns blazing at the pizza shop supposedly used as a storefront for Ms. Clinton’s child sex ring. How crazy was that? How crazy will they next one be, the one who actually commits a violent act on her? This nation desperately needs a real president.

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  2. I found the so-called president’s decision to devote his Sunday morning to a derogatory and inflammatory “Twitter fit” (love that phrase), rather than to prayer and penance in a house of worship, very revealing about his alleged Christian faith. Paper thin, apparently, much like his ego and the depth of his ethics, intelligence and morality.

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