Time for Moore to zip it up and go away

TV campaign ad for Moore. The “honest” label now called into question after complaints he sought out young girls for sexual pleasure.

On Friday, accused sexual predator and former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore was sharing the spotlight with the Republican semi-secret tax plan, now being torn asunder by House and Senate members squabbling over who they’re going to screw the most.

Ten thousand miles away, Mr. Trump was orchestrating a drama good enough for the 700 Club while teasing if he would reunite with Russian President Vladimir Putin at an economic summit in Da Nang, Vietnam. They finally pulled it off — in matching shirts, no less — and with any luck, Special Counsel Robert Mueller was watching.

Meanwhile in New York, the talking heads can’t decide whether stomping all over Roy Moore is more important than reporting that our Republican-led Congress intends to give all their fat cat buddies a yuuugely big tax cut with money stripped from the backs of the common man.

Judge Moore is currently running for an Alabama Senate seat that Trump coveted for his own guy. Moore thinks the supreme legal power is God and that few people are better equipped than he is when it comes to speaking on the deity’s behalf. That probably confuses Mr. Trump, who undoubtedly believes he alone has that distinction.

Moore is an anti-LGBT conservative who was twice ousted as state Supreme Court chief justice, once for refusing to remove a Ten Commandments monument from a courthouse, and once for refusing to follow the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing same-sex marriages. Even Trump didn’t want him in the Senate. He is a product of Trump’s conspirator, Stephen Bannon, the unkempt Nuevo-Nazi who was himself banished from the White House for his over-the-top political views.

Bannon’s big buddy, Moore, now stands accused of gratifying his personal plaything in his pants when he was a young prosecutor. Bannon says it’s a plot to defame him. It certainly is a charge that will do that. A Washington Post story reported that four unrelated women fell victim to Moore’s machinations and that he pursued them while they were between the ages of 14 and 18. Moore was 32 when he reportedly lusted after the 14-year-old.

If true, Moore is a plucked duck. If it isn’t true, the accusations are a sad commentary on what has happened to American politics. Regardless, the anachronistic fossil needs to go away.

Unfortunately for liberal and mainstream America, most of the conservative Republicans in Alabama disagree. The hardcore among them will probably still disagree if a five ton block of incontrovertible proof falls from the sky to smash their mobile homes flat. One older lady on CNN already testified to that.

Judge Moore’s disgraceful behavior was coincidentally revealed about the same time my Shinbone Star colleague Chris Lavin was offering her point of view about men with raging penises acting badly. Her story focused on Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, two of Hollywood’s elite. Judge Moore was just another political wannabe when her Friday article titled When men behave badly, the penis is the weapon of choice hit the press. Ms. Lavin’s damning piece was illustrated with little penises from something called Flirtmoji emojis. The little penile emojis are relevant for setting the tone of the report. There are no big emojis in evidence.

“When power, not romance, is the point,” the caption said.

Ms. Lavin’s theory is that “if (Bill) Clinton could have just kept the darn thing in his pants, this horrible Trump World would never have happened.” Could be. Her thesis is as good as any other political theorem being bandied about in the netherworld.

Personally, I’m not touching Ms. Lavin’s suppositions with a 10-foot pole. In the colloquial vernacular of old West Texas, behaving badly in front of ladies was said to be “lettin’ your dick hang out.” It was intended to be a disparaging comment directed at someone acting the fool in front of ladies. At least in Texas legend, gentlemen don’t let randy miscreants insult the women. For one thing, if they didn’t intervene and their mommas heard about it, they would probably get slapped into next week.

And that’s the way it still ought to be. Being a man has nothing to do with exposing your member for public consumption.

Apparently, former New York Rep. Anthony D. Weiner and others of his ilk never got the word. Weiner is currently getting help in a federal medical center in Massachusetts after letting his wiener peek at some astounded young ladies surfing the Internet. Looks now like he might be joined by some other birds of the same feather. Weinstein is at risk, and already voices are demanding that Spacey face retribution. Hopefully Judge Moore, untouchable until now, will slink off to the swamp from which he came.

Ms. Lavin, although extrapolating from afar, puts Judge Moore’s alleged behavior — and that of every other sexual predator — in a new light. If she thinks former President Bill Clinton’s affair with a young lady under his desk in the Oval Office is the precipitating event leading to the alleged presidency of the Marmalade Muffin, I’ll swear to it.

It’s a pretty big stretch for those little emojis, but I like it.


2 thoughts on “Time for Moore to zip it up and go away

  1. Before Bill Clinton was president the nation had the opportunity to face the issue of predatory behavior with Clarence Thomas. We failed as a nation and now we reap what we sowed. Anita Hill told the truth.
    Now, however, the politics has gotten so tribal it seems we’ll do anything to protect the tribe, especially when it comes to the GOP.
    You mention Anthony Weiner… he is in jail. Weinstein and Spacey have become pariahs.
    Judge Moore is still the favored candidate in Alabama’s US Senate race despite the fact he was removed from office TWICE before any of these allegations surfaced.

    Donald Trump was elected president in spite of declaring in his own words he is a sexual predator.

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