Fact or fashion? It’s time to choose

When I get dressed for work I have a certain uniform. Shirt, pants, cardigan, ballerina slippers. Simple and effective, but obviously not a lot of thought put into my look. My weekend and evening wear consists of some kind of throwback to the 90s. Jeans. T-shirt. Cons. Flannel.

I don’t know how I got stuck in that look, but I did, and it’s how I feel most like myself. It hearkens back to my college days, Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins concerts, reading Generation X, Women’s and African American literature. I was deepening my understanding of those who had an impact on our world, but with such little recognition. I was becoming aware that out of desperation and pain come beauty and growth.

Maybe I got stuck in the pain, at least when it comes to fashion.

Everyone picks their own style; it is the outward example of our inward lives. Bold colors, layers and bejeweled, or maybe more dark, flowing and somber.

It seems that today people pick their facts like they pick their fashion, whatever seems to match their inward lives. Whatever “fact” fits is what you wear, and you wave it around and shove it in people’s faces.  This is how I feel and now I have worldly facts to back it up! In your face!

It’s like picking out a T-shirt. If you look long enough and hard enough, you will find the exact poop emoji with his tongue sticking out that matches the way your soul views the world. But everyone knows today’s poop emoji shirt is tomorrow’s clearance item donated to Goodwill. Untouchable. Disgraceful. Unwearable. Today’s poop emoji shirt is tomorrow’s denial. I never wore that shirt. That picture on Facebook is a fake. Poop emoji shirts are the worst! I wouldn’t be caught dead in one!

Smoke and mirrors, all the time, hiding the real truth. There are people in this world who are only out for themselves. They will do anything and say anything to fulfill their own agenda.

Fools like me find it hard to believe these kinds of facts. Fools like me choose to believe there is good in everyone. Fools like me think religious leaders should stand against a pedophile running for Senate or a predator running for president. Fools like me think the humanity in us all should want children to have healthcare and the elderly to have food. Fools like me expect a nation to value the education of its children, all children, not just the wealthy ones.

I wonder what other fools think our true value is in our humanity, our selflessness, our integrity, our ability to value the truth and NOT just the value of our bank accounts?

Oh fellow fools, we know that even the wealthiest — when our earth someday lies wasted, charred, and desolate from their insatiable greed — cannot eat, drink or breathe their money. They, too, will perish, just like the people Sen. Chuck Grassley says, “are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies.” It won’t matter. There will be nothing left.

Pick your fact or pick your fashion. Which will it be?

Is it worth trading your integrity because “Make America Great Again” stirs your own self interest? There is no greatness in lies, betrayal, misogyny, racism, sexism, ageism, vitriol, divisiveness, hate speech, and xenophobia. To Make America Great means putting your fellow Americans and the ideals of America before your own self interests. You will not suffer by doing good for your fellow Americans. You will not suffer when the poor, elderly man is fed, or the special-needs child receives a polio vaccine. You will not suffer when your neighbor’s child goes to public school and someday becomes an engineer. You will not suffer when the wealthiest of us in the wealthiest of nations pays his fair share.

Some will say my fashion is stuck in a time warp. I’m okay with that. Facts mattered then and facts matter now, no matter what the latest fashion dictates. I’m no slave to fashion. My fashion has no agenda, in fact it is probably anti-fashion. Simple. Honest. Facts.

9 thoughts on “Fact or fashion? It’s time to choose

      1. Yes, let’s hope so. As a jobbing satirist, the current state of affairs is rich pickings and a banquet laid in readiness for my acerbic wit. However, if it meant a return to some sort of sanity in your great country, and to a lesser extent, in mine also, I’d happily revert to a diet of thin satirical gruel. Great piece btw. Enjoyed it.

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