A day of reckoning in Alabama and America

–Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Today in Alabama, voters go to the polls to decide who will be their next U.S. senator.

And I thought this would be an easy little piece to pump out.

I want the Alabamians to do the right thing, but I just don’t believe they have it in them. Recent polling indicates that white voters are solidly in the camp of Judge Roy Moore, a known political demagogue, twice-impeached state supreme court justice, and many times accused of attempted pedophilia. Those same polls indicated that white women are also inclined to vote for Moore, which beggars belief no matter how you feel about abortion, tax law or even religion.

Apparently, these Republicans have forgotten about their little girls.

It’s hard to figure out how this is even a race anymore, especially given the statements of Republican leaders that they would kick Moore out of the Senate if he’s elected (they won’t), or that the GOP is better than that (it isn’t).

What Republicans have also said is that Moore might be a pedophile, but at least he’s not a Democrat. Good grief! If you’re dealing with people who begin in that place, how do you ever find common ground? How can you deal with folks who want to fight like mad “for the life of an unborn child” but don’t give a flip about children once they’re born?

I’m certain there are political ads running in Alabama that say “the choice is clear,” but what is clear to those of us on the outside is that we have no clue what will happen. It is also clear that while Alabama voters are struggling, the rest of us can only hold our breath.

Moore has been around a long time, but apparently until now, nobody ever thought it was a problem that he’d been banned from a Gadsden, Ala., shopping mall because they didn’t like him putting the moves on young girls. And apparently nobody knew that law enforcement had been told to keep Moore away from the cheerleaders at high school football games.

By contrast, the Democrats have a candidate who made his name prosecuting Klansmen who blew up a church in Birmingham, killing four little girls. Isn’t it ironic that Roy Moore got his kicks chasing, uh, little girls?

As Democrats, we get it: The Republican agenda of tax cuts (for the rich), land reform (selling our heritage), and crippling the federal government is important to you. Not to put too fine a point on it, but we also know that big Republican donors have demanded results on what’s been promised.

Roy Moore is important to people like the so-called “evangelical Christians” who claim to know their Bible better than the rest of us. Might I just remind them of Mark 8:36:

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

And so we watch and wait.


4 thoughts on “A day of reckoning in Alabama and America

  1. Trump tweeted the election of this one Democrat would mean an end to all his administration has accomplished. If only that were so. As a child of the South, I’d like to believe there are good, reasoned, responsible people in Alabama (along with the Moore supporters). They must step up. The tide must roll.

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