The ‘Idiot in the White House’ doesn’t know he’s an idiot

(Photo by New York Daily News)

The Founding Fathers, in their brilliantly crafted plan of how a democracy should work, failed to mention the chief executive should be “smart.” So yes, even a Donald Trump could be president, technically. I fault the Founding Fathers. – The Internet

During the thank-god-they’re-over holidays, I met a new in-law relative who, in the first five minutes of conversation, told me he was smarter than anyone he’d ever met. No, seriously. It made for a strained three days and I almost choked on the “smart” remarks I left unsaid.

This weekend Donald Trump felt the need to inform the world he is “being, like, really smart” and a “very stable genius.” Seriously. He made this impulsive, juvenile boast of a tweet because a new book describes him as being childish, impulsive and mentally unstable.

Trump, a man taken with giving his enemies childish nicknames, is now widely known as The Idiot in the White House. My cup runneth over with come-backs, jokes, puns, groaners and witticisms that Trump, in spite of his boastful intelligence, will never be intelligent enough to understand:

Schrödinger: How’s my cat, doc?  Vet: I have good news and bad news.

I wish there was a formula to make friends — you know, a squadratic formula.

I digress. The majority of the nation is concerned with America’s fall from grace as an international leader, and Trump is bragging — lying, essentially in a delusional rant — about how smart he is. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is laughing so hard she’s crying. French President Emmanuel Macron is rolling on the floor. And Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is atop his horse, posing bare-chested to the world, smiling munificently.


Here at home, the Republican Party is stretching the limits of political malfeasance in office by supporting Trump, as many members are said to have speculated aloud about Trump’s volatility, impulsiveness and boastful ignorance of how government works.

Apparently Trump’s ego-driven, selfish efforts to line his own pockets is in tune with how Republicans think the country should be run, an autocracy or oligarchy similar to that of Russia, and Putin’s absolute authority thereof. Meanwhile, our nation’s D-Day casualties and war fatalities from two world wars, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq are rolling in their graves.

  • With Trump’s insistence, the GOP just pushed through a tax package that most of the country does not support, favoring the rich, and including a provision that takes the teeth out of the Obamacare program and renders millions without basic health care.
  • The White House is pushing another program that would allow oil companies to plant oil rigs within sight of most all American coastlines, lining the pockets of Big Oil campaign contributors and giving conservationists nightmares of British Petroleum’s “Deepwater Horizon” rig explosion that killed 11 people and leaked 4.9 million barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Trump’s Interior Department is pushing another program to cut national parks and monument areas, including highly fragile marine parks. The Environmental Protection Agency, under Trump’s direction, has cut many regulations that safeguard the nation’s clean air and water.
  • Trump’s Housing Department has just given orders to halt studies that show systematic racism and segregation in urban housing.

All this and more from our “like, really smart” president who wants to ensure he and his family have an endless supply of financial pacifiers. This the person who wants to groom his unqualified, superficial daughter for a family dynasty in the White House.

This is nuts.

The American people must demonstrate they are smarter than this buffoon and the congressional stooges in office. Impeach Trump now, before he kills us all.

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