Trump takes vengeance on 7-Eleven after coffee cups predict popular vote


A sardonic and slightly cheeky headline for NBC News’ online webpage this week delivered this provocative banner: “Immigration agents raid 7-Eleven stores nationwide, arrest 21 people in biggest crackdown of Trump era.”

Untold money and manpower, targeting 100 stores, all for 21 arrests. Immigration and Custom Enforcement Acting Director Thomas Homan didn’t admit why ICE targeted the chain, which has 8,500 stores in the United States alone. But Homan blustered on about protecting jobs for American workers, then gave managers three days to verify the citizenship of its employees.

Aside from the fact that you couldn’t pay most native-born workers to sling Slurpees on the overnight shift at 7-Eleven, it’s incredulous to run a nationwide sting on the stores, which are individually owned and managed by franchisees.

It probably had more to do with the chain’s annual poll, since 2000, that predicts the winner of a presidential election by asking customers to choose color-coded cups. In 2016, 7-Eleven cups predicted Hillary Clinton would be the winner.

Donald Trump was insulted by a coffee cup and he never forgot it.

Trump’s tenure as president has been marked by a ridiculous amount of self-serving actions, all designed to line his own pocket and coddle his massive ego. He never forgives the slightest slight and evokes revenge years after the perceived grievance. To land on his shit list is to be forever scorned. Or sued, or threatened with a suit.

Meanwhile, the world’s wealthiest people and corporations can buy direct access to the president, simultaneously lining his pockets while achieving their own personal or policy goals. Former Office of Government Ethics director Walter Shaub told USA Today last year “We never thought we’d see anyone push the outer limits in this way.”

Just this week Trump administration officials announced that Deutsche Bank, which has loaned Trump $300 million over the years, won’t have to give up a part of its business as punishment stemming from a criminal conviction. The bank is also a big lender to the real estate company formerly owned by Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Officials also announced that Florida won’t be included in plans to allow oil companies to pepper America’s coastline with wells. There will be no jack-up rigs outside Mar-a-Lago near Palm Beach, Trump’s choice of golf courses during the winter months.

The Founding Fathers never foresaw the need to protect the nation from a man who has business interests in more than 500 companies. They never foresaw that someone so ethically vacuous would rise from the scum to the Oval Office and tarnish everything he touches.

The midterm elections will be here before you know it. You must decide whether to abandon this nation, or take it back from the likes of Trump. You may never be safe at 7-Eleven again.


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