Yes, be outraged. But don’t forget to follow the money.

The knee-jerk reaction by pundits and talking heads to Mr. Trump’s vulgar “shithole” remarks is the type of Trumpian diversion that crops up every time the president reveals that he’s still an idiot.

The public conscience is therefore once again aghast because Mr. Trump called less-developed countries shitholes. It is crude, indelicate, inappropriate talk that reflects his disdain for other mortals, cultures, races and foreign places.

It also begs the question, “What else is new?”

Trump is by definition a snotty, potty-mouthed and stupid person with the type of sophomoric sense of humor that rich boys of his ilk favor in private conversation. Try waiting tables at a wealthy wedding party to learn more. His demeaning nature is evident in the way he writes, in his sneer, and in his arrogance of privilege. It does not, however, make him an expert on shitholes.

Trump’s experience of wallowing in shitholes is limited to chrome and glass towers, and perhaps visits to the Howard Stern Show. The very real physical and emotional trials that proverbial shitholes produce is not to be found in those places.

Like everything else the phoney man in the White House knows, Trump gleaned his pearls of shithole wisdom from action movies on TV. To put a fine point on it, Trump is an ignorant, empty suit with bad hair who happens to be President of the United States. In the Army they called guys like him “yard birds.” Yard birds got special attention.

At this time, more emphasis should be placed on Trump’s purported real estate enterprises and suspected money crimes than on his comparisons of Norway to Haiti. The big dogs of television news should stop acting disappointed that Trump hasn’t been nailed for collusion with the Russians, or for obstruction of justice or perjury. Instead, they need to shift into high gear and go after whatever slime is already there for them to find.

BuzzFeed is reporting that Trump has made 1,300 cash sales of condos to straw parties from foreign lands. The number accounts for 20 percent of his real estate deals, according to the BuzzFeed report.

Trump doesn’t seem to mind those immigrants. Perhaps they are Norwegians.

The Treasury Department says nearly invisible cash sales of high-value property to foreigners — or to anyone for that matter — without a paper trail creates cause for suspicion about money laundering. The term is frequently bandied about, but what is it? Simply put, it allows people with lots of cash from ill-gotten gains to spend that money without leaving a paper trail for the Feds to follow. Once a sale is consummated, money launderers can resell a property to recover their investment. Very simple and very slick.

“Federal investigations “continue to reveal corrupt politicians, drug traffickers and other criminals using shell companies to purchase luxury real estate with cash,” according to the Treasury Department’s former financial crimes chief, Jennifer Shasky Calvery, in testimony before Congress in 2016.

Outrage over Trump’s racist remarks is always appropriate. But what’s also appropriate is this advice: Follow the money!


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