Forget DACA, time to take the bull by the horns

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer ran a good race but choked at the finish line.

One day after the hugely successful Women’s March ended, the Democrats blinked, allowing Psycho Don and his cabal of Republican toadies to claim an unexpected victory in the profoundly cruel immigration debate. It was a hollow victory indeed, leaving 800,000 young people in precarious legal limbo while the politicians played with their broken lives, but a victory nonetheless.

In the wings stood U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session’s longtime crony Steve Miller, the sinister Reinhard Heydrich lookalike and Trump confidant who basks in reports he is the architect behind the largest mass deportation of humans in North America history. The glaring racist and Trump stooge continues to gain favor with Herr Trump while the twaddle spouting nitwit chips away at the few remaining White House minders the Republicans put in place to keep him from his own excesses.

Reports circulating Tuesday claim Trump wants to fire Chief of Staff John Kelly, that he tried to bully his own pick for Director of the FBI into being more loyal, and publically humiliates his elfin attorney general whenever he runs out of dogs to kick. And that was just last week. The exodus from the White House is the same sort of thing Noah encountered when he let all the animals out of the Arc. History does not record what happened to the stench their departure left behind.

First thing Tuesday morning, the Democratic apologists were lining up to explain how they managed to snatch a defeat from the jaws of victory over a matter that provoked more knee-jerk reactions than kneeling at an NFL game. Like cage-trained parrots, the apologists claim it was Trump’s fault, along with that of the sleazy Republican leadership, right-wing racist nut bags and the emergence of exotic dirty-leg Stormy Daniels, just in time to steal the party faithful’s summer thunder.

All the usual falderal was offered by the Dem’s champions on TV news circuits spinning aimlessly trying to explain what happened. No excuse was left behind. In fact, the gutless Democratic leadership blinked because they have evolved into the party of huge mouths and rubber spines so afraid of losing the lead they don’t yet have that they’ll allow Trump to stomp all over them.

New York Democratic Sen. Charles Ellis “Chuck” Schumer ran hard and put up a good race before choking at the finish line. Some might argue he choked on his success at forcing a government shutdown. It was a powerful intoxicant indeed when the gavel fell Friday night with Schumer portrayed as David and Mitch McConnell as Goliath. By Sunday Trump was calling the senator’s noble effort the “Schumer’s Shutdown.”

The opportunistic press immediately repeated the phrase over and over until it began to ring true. Perhaps someday the Democrats will quit dismissing Trump’s mindless tweets as ineffective. As discouraging as knowing that is, his inane balderdash is food for thought in some high places. The Democrats have to win all the time to checkmate Mr. Trump. The embattled ersatz President just doesn’t have to lose.

It was nonsense to claim the Democrats lost anything — they never had anything to lose, including self-respect. The Democrats once again incorrectly assumed the emotional appeal fueled by the unkind fate of luckless immigrant children was more important than their constituents’ checking accounts. Bolstered by days of diatribes from DACA supporters, and emboldened by millions of women defiantly protesting against Trump, the Democratic leadership blew the best opportunity it had in years to stake a claim in the Republican-controlled Congress.

It was simply bad strategy. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is not at immediate risk, but infrastructure improvements, minimal healthcare for the poor, the environment, continued economic growth, the military budget, two wars, and the stupid, stupid “Wall” are all looming over American society. Any one of them would have made a great bargaining tool to burnish the Democratic image.

Smart money says the Democrats’ strategy failed because ordinary Americans must count every penny all the time knowing the bottomless well of prosperity Mr. Trump promised us all will eventually run dry. Always has and always will. The question is what will hasten it. Already the corporations Trump promised would bring home money because of lower taxes are salting away their mega-earnings in foreign banks simply because they can. The insane tax law Congress passed allows them to ignore the U.S. government at will.

The lukewarm support the DACA kids engendered on the Democratic side of the aisle shows clearly where Americans’ sympathies really lie when it comes to their checkbooks. Schumer and the Democratic leadership are apparently so out of touch with the real issues facing Americans they once again ignored the fundamental needs of the people they claim to represent.

The DACA kids are in between a rock and a hard place. Nobody with a shred of compassion denies that. Nor can even Trump deny that Mr. and Mrs. Average American are trapped between rising costs, stagnant wages, an overheated economy, a looming trade war and an unstable government led by an unstable mad man with a taste for stacked blondes and Big Macs.

Schumer should be doing what journalists have been doing for years. Follow the money, stupid. All the rest is just more crap until Trump is brought to his knees.


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