In a perfect world, the Queen wallops Trump with her purse

Donald Trump will be met with massive protests during his four-day visit to Great Britain, during which he will meet with Prime Minister Theresa May. – Getty Images

Donald Trump won’t be able to turn around without bumping into a protest, rally or picket during his four-day visit to Great Britain.  We thank you in advance, protestors, and welcome to the Resistance.

When he arrives for dinner tonight at Blenheim Palace, Winston Churchill’s birthplace, protestors will be waiting at the gates. As he retires for the night at the American ambassador’s official residence in London, organizers plan a “wall of sound” blasted from loudspeakers.

Trump says he wants a wall, and so he’ll have one. The playlist includes the crying of immigrant children as they were taken from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Police are expecting 200,000 or more at the main protest in London on Friday. It will feature the Trump Baby, a giant helium balloon baby in a diaper, and a protest-within-a-protest, the Drag Parade, organized by the Queer Alliance. Trump, however, will be spirited out of town at Prime Minister Theresa May’s country residence Chequers for talks on foreign policy.

Queer Alliance photo

Melania Trump, recovered from her questionable surgery, will accompany Donald on this trip. She will spend the day with Philip May as the president and prime minister confer.

Trump will meet Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle – no rides in her golden coach as he once requested, and do not touch the Queen — then will head for Scotland and his Trump Turnberry luxury golf resort. The Scottish government has already said it won’t pay for security, but Donald won’t miss a chance for a cheap publicity shot.

The Brits haven’t been this upset at an American president since George W. Bush convinced then-Prime Minister Tony Blair to involve Great Britain in the Iraq War. Up to 2 million people hit the streets in 2003  in protest, but Bush wasn’t in country. We’re thinking organizers will beat that number, and once again Bush can say he isn’t the worst U.S. president ever.

We have a lot to thank our British friends for. We know they were caught up in the moment when they burned the U.S. capitol in 1814, but we rebuilt and no long-term harm was done. Today, however, the British see Trump as personally responsible for destabilizing international relations, maligning NATO, confounding trade and tariff agreements and abandoning civility and diplomacy.

We here at home do, too.

Trump’s white nationalism message isn’t popular, either. The American embassy is cautioning travelers to avoid the protests, just in case.

As one Brit told Business Insider, “I think we’re doing a great favour to America by letting them do without him for a little while. It’s at a great cost to ourselves, unfortunately. I wish he’d go home.”

Trump is a sociopathic Energizer bunny, and frankly we are weary from every insult, lie, constitutional violation and aggression he pumps out on a daily basis. This week we are grateful to sit on the sidelines while the Brits put on the Full Monty.

Maybe we’ll kick back and enjoy a book by British author Aldous J. Pennyfarthing, “Dear Fucking Lunatic: 101 Obscenely Rude Letters to Donald Trump.”logo

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