You can’t believe anything Trump says about his meeting with Putin


“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.” – Donald Trump, July 27, 2016

Donald Trump will emerge from his meeting with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin later today to make a statement, and we can’t believe a single word the Liar-in-Chief says about it. His penchant for lying is so compelling that he even contradicts his own lies.

Was he “tough” on Putin and demanded that the Russians cease their interference in the elections of democratic nations? Did he demand that Putin extradite the 12 top-level Russian military intelligence officers indicted by the special counsel’s office on Friday so they can be tried in court?

We’ll never know. Trump lies.

Besides, former KGB agent Putin will have already figured out what Trump has to say. Being Trump, of course, he could screw that up.

Even Friday’s indictment of the Russian military intelligence officers for election meddling was not enough to cause the wrong-headed Trump to cancel plans to meet Putin tomorrow in Helsinki. His cohort-in-crime Roger Stone went on the cable news networks this weekend to insist that the indictments are just allegations, not proof of crime.

It was an incredulous demonstration of arrogance, even though Stone was mentioned in the indictments as an American contact of one or more of the agents. Our guess is Stone is angling for a

The official White House statement on the indictments minced words, saying there was no evidence of collusion with the Trump campaign, not even referring to the brazen crime of election meddling.

The Trump campaign apparently prefers to be known as useful idiots to Russian plotting than conspirators. Better yet, it was Barack Obama’s fault.

It’s a sad day when voters cannot believe one single word our president says. And “but her emails!” is a pathetic excuse for all America has lost. It will take years to restore the international, political, judicial, environmental and public service fails that Trump has put in motion.

Trump supporters, was it worth it to sell your soul to a harlot?logo


2 thoughts on “You can’t believe anything Trump says about his meeting with Putin

  1. Love all of your articles. They help me get through these dark times as a vulgar, narcissistic imbecile robs us of our democracy. I want my country back!


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