O Where, O Where Have the Democrats Gone?

President Barack Obama with his step-grandmother Sarah in Kenya this week.— Daily Mail photo

Former President Barack Obama is in South Africa today where he spoke at one of his first high-profile outings since leaving office. His speech was about democracy and Nelson Mandela’s legacy of hope; of the “strange and uncertain times” and the “utter loss of shame among political leaders” who lie. He never used Donald Trump’s name, but surely after the unholy havoc in Helsinki, we all know who he was referring to.

And there we have it. The former POTUS is in South Africa at a speaking engagement to celebrate Mandela’s birthday,  and it’s basically the only time we see a Democrat stand up and say something about the treasonous acts of the current POTUS.

I have given up on the hope that Republicans could grow a set of balls and a conscience. But I’m really pissed that the party that represents the minorities, the marginalized and the rural and labor communities hasn’t pushed back on the President and the GOP.

Yes, we have Maxine Waters, and  Chuck Schumer  demanded that the Senate hold hearings into the closed-door meeting with Putin that preceded Trump’s press conference in Helsinki. Democratic Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey, in an event in Newark on Monday,  called Trump’s conduct “shameful” and said the president acts like “somebody who has something to hide, or is guilty of something,” Politico.com reported.

But apparently children in cages, deportation of legal immigrants, women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and calling our oldest allies foes and slapping “security threat” tariffs on them  aren’t enough to warrant that real action be proposed against the Trump administration. For months now we have been slapped in the face daily by a new, horrifying decision made by POTUS, and other than a fiery Twitter feed or news interviews, many Democrats have been way too quiet.

I understand the silence of the Republicans. Their complicit behavior in all of this is apparent and appalling; the Republican win and the desire to keep their political careers intact take precedent over common decency and human kindness. But the Democrats?  Granted, they are the minority party in Congress. But what’s their excuse for not being more vocal?

Not only are they too quiet, but when they do speak it’s like a broken record; the same old song and dance with no new ways of firing up THEIR voter base. We need action or at the very least a bloody plan of action. Hell, we need a plan of ATTACK! The Dems need to get down and dirty (not as dirty as Trump and Co., but at least get some mud on their boots). They need to be willing to take some risks and pull up their sleeves and get to work on building and keeping voter momentum. The November Midterms are more important now than maybe ever in the history of American politics.

Related image
— CNN graphic

Where are the policies on immigration, NAFTA, healthcare and jobs? Where are the plans to fight the tariffs and the trade war Trump has started with pretty much everyone? Where is the visible fight to keep Trump-nominated Brett Kavanaugh off SCOTUS? And where the hell has everyone been when it was discovered Russia meddled in the 2016 election!? What will you do about a future Russian hack? This is serious business.

I know on the local level Democrats are seeing victory, but what about the Congressional Dems? Where are they? What do they have to say? What are their actual plans?

Lately, I’ve seen more Republicans (even though most of them are retiring anyway) speak out against the POTUS than Democrats. And when Democratic politicians like Maxine Waters stand up and demand voters confront the Republicans responsible for such despicable crimes as ripping babies from their mothers, her fellow Democrats remove themselves from her circle and publicly criticize her.

Really? That’s what you want to do? This is no time for petty, indignant infighting! This is no time for silence or civility.

Image result for maxine waters
Rep. Maxine Waters

You need to work together on a plan and a strategy, and you need to work together to find the right candidates for varying districts. And you need to stop worrying about every little ridiculous thing Trump does, and focus on the meat and potatoes of the issues at hand. Hold the GOP accountable, and then offer up an alternative solution for when the Democratic Party takes the house. We get that everyone wants Trump impeached. But realistically, even if it happened, it would be a long process and then who are we left with? This guy:

Image result for mike pence
— The Atlantic illustration

You can’t just keep whining about the decay of the Constitution and the lies and bullshit coming from the Trump Administration. You have to offer up real, concrete plans to fix things.

In other words:

Democrats — Get your shit together.

Or the November midterms will be another wash, and the very people you claim to represent, the very country you claim to love more than Trump and his cronies, will be held hostage by a treasonous President even longer. Perhaps forever.

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5 thoughts on “O Where, O Where Have the Democrats Gone?

  1. You ask a great question re plans and strategies. There are so many paths pointing toward toward usable evidence, it’s hard to keep them all straight. In my opinion here are several of the many that may lead to bagging them all:
    Trump’s income and the financial dealings of himself and organization are, and have been, a matter of public record located in their monthly financial reports filed by Law in bankruptcy. Forensic accountants can review the monthly statements. If financial violations are found in violation of federal bankruptcy codes, they can be passed to the IRS for further review for more violations. The Bankruptcy Courts enforce the code violations, put Trump and organization in Chapter seven as required, sell off all their assets as required while the IRS prosecutes for tax evasion and prison.
    Another plan could be filing causes of action with the World Court and /or United Nations and/or Federal Courts: Separating children from their families to unknown and questionable origins satisfies the definition of Human trafficking. Could work. Democrats or anyone could file lawsuits for the relief and abuse of Puerto Rico by applying for Federal Court Orders to deploy Amphibious Assault Ships capable of rebuilding the entire Island in a reasonable time frame. These actions should insist, through Law, for multiple punishments for the illegal administration that usurped our democracy and left thousands of our Puerto Citizens dead though intentional neglect and.abuse. Democrats or anyone could make the case that DACA individuals have attended our schools and universities whose curriculum included citizenship requirements and are now actually citizens. In point of fact, I believe, if one used the Constitutional Contradiction, inserted by Jefferson and other Founding Fathers; used and discovered by Lincoln to save the Union and define citizenship, voting rights, and full representation for all people; and couple it with Public Law 29 from the Harding Administration granting the Pershing Chinese attached to the Army here and on foreign soil, permanent residency rights thus establishing a legal precedent in Immigration Law by introducing special consideration for immigrants escaping political persecution. Couple these items begun by the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention, for the purpose of saving Democracy, with the 1965 Hart Cellar Act abolishing national origin quotas which can be applied to immigrants today thus guaranteeing full voting rights, full representation rights, full citizenship rights for the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico; with possible Statehood, DACA individuals, immigrant veterans and immigrants in general. The Founding Fathers had to deal with a very Trump like self centered individual who stood against the ideals of Democracy in their convention, so Democracy safeguards were inserted into the Constitution for for future generations to discover and use against foreign tyrants and home grown tyrants like we have today. Immigrants are important to us when you remember that the immigrants that came here during the early part of the last century became a good portion of the parents that raised the children that became known as the Greatest Generation.
    PS Deploy ICE to the border to help process immigrants instead of chasing people around in our cities.
    PPS There is a little known book by an author that really isn’t anybody that had some 2016 warnings called Conversations with Thomas Paine that pointed to some of these items.There seem to a great number of plans and strategies for safeguarding democracy, first in the Constitution, State Constitutions, political records, blogs, news media, books, and multiple venues. Wake up, Stand Up, Speak Up, Resist, And VOTE.

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  2. The last few presidents we’ve had in South Africa, especially the one before our current one (also a liar and tyrant) have all been a joke. Our country is also going down the drain… Has been for many many years. US is not alone in having a president and government that cares nothing about the needs of the country and it’s people.

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