What Free Press?

It seems like the Orange King In Training is finally trying to ride his shiny Autocrat bike without training wheels.

Besides cozying up to dictators (he probably has their posters on his bedroom walls) and caging babies who aren’t white, he attacks his friends and allies (well, only those who believe in democracy and human decency) and now has decided that if the press isn’t nice to him, well, they just won’t get to come to play in his sandbox.

That’s right; Kaitlan Collins was banned from a White House press event for asking “inappropriate questions” during an Oval office event where she was the network pool reporter.

Thankfully, even Fox News rallied behind Collins and everyone in the journalism world is crying out against this strike against free press. It’s a case of Trump at his finest, one distraction after another and one more baby step forward toward his goal of being King Without The Crown.

People, this shit is getting old. It’s exhausting. And appalling.

If an intelligent, capable reporter gets banned or doing her job, well, that’s as low as it gets. It’s dictatorship at its finest, and the Orange King in Training will soon be peeing on his golden potty all by himself. Putin will be so proud.

I hope that image not only disgusts you, but frightens you as well.

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